What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer

What to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer

The navy blue blazer is an iconic staple in every man’s (and some women's) wardrobe. It’s undeniably sharp and a timeless classic - and anything but prescribed.

With its extreme versatility, navy blue blazer combinations are virtually limitless. But - what should you wear with it? 

We’ll cover the differences between a sport coat, a blazer and a suit jacket - and, of course, what shirt, pant and accessories to wear with that navy blazer so you'll always look stylish, no matter the occasion. 

Sport Coat vs. Blazer vs. Jacket

The sport coat and blazer are at times confused because both are popular in a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics.

The sport coat, though - once reserved for sporting events - is more casual. Sport coats are often found in corduroy, tweed and other textured fabrics.

Navy blue sport coat example


Generally, blazers are made from worsted wool and other fabrics that are heavier in weight.

In contrast to the suit jacket which pairs with matching trousers, the blazer is designed to serve as a separate. The most traditional among navy blazers has gold buttons, but many modern versions showcase less flashy - but not necessarily less bold - button choices.


Navy blue blazer outfit example


Note that to the casual dresser, a navy suit jacket may seem like a suitable stand in for the navy blazer - but it’s not. To maintain the integrity and color consistency of your suit pieces, you want to only wear the jacket and pants together.

If you're planning on frequent wear, invest in a well-made navy blazer instead.


Blue suit jacket and pants example


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What To Wear With A Navy Blazer 

The navy blue blazer is an appropriate choice throughout the year and, depending on your climate, the same piece may be worn across the calendar. 

Accordingly, the pairing choices are vast - spanning the color, fabric and texture spectrum.  

Shirts to Match with a Blue Blazer

Our clients often ask what color shirt to wear with a blue blazer. The answer couldn’t be simpler: you choose.

It’s handsome alongside most any color. White is perhaps most crisp, and can be presented as the most formal. Hues in the yellow family are striking - as are pink, red, and purple tones. Grays are an easy win as well.  

What’s more, the navy blue blazer counterbalances patterns of varying scales, from minimal gingham to statement-worthy florals. Stripes are charming against navy as well - as are checks, polka dots, and paisleysWhat to Wear With a Navy Blue Blazer

Best Trousers and Shoes to Coordinate With

When it comes to pants, the versatile navy blazer plays well with a number of options.

White, colored, and patterned shorts and chinos, linen and seersucker trousers, classic and colored denim, corduroys … the navy blue blazer is an all-season go-to. 

Take care to pair your pant with an appropriately seasonal shoe though. Spring and summer looks that incorporate shorts, denim, linen and seersucker may call for a sandal, slide, or moccasin. Fall and winter ensembles that feature full-length pants in heavier fabrics and darker colors are best with oxfords, loafers or boots. 

Brown and warm-toned leather shoes and accessories always trump black when it comes to navy, no matter the season. If the look allows for an athletic shoe, make sure they look chic and intentional, not fresh off the treadmill.

The Art of Accessorizing a Navy Blazer - or Not At All

Truth be told, a well-fitting navy blue blazer with a crisp white button down and appropriate pant may be all you need to make your entrance. It’s that classic. 

If desired though, you can always elevate a navy blue blazer a bit with a bow tie, necktie or dashing pocket square. The possibilities are endless and the rules are few. That said, you want to accessorize thoughtfully, playing with a singular color story, choosing complementary colors, or mixing patterns. 


Navy blue blazer with gold shirt


Easily add visual interest with a braided or woven belt, a standout watch, or an eye-catching shoe. A thin sweater or sweater vest under the blazer offers warmth without sacrificing sophistication.  


Blue Blazer Outfits For Women

But wait - who's to say only men should have all the blue blazer fun?

There are plenty of opportunities for ladies to pair a smashing summer dress or a simple white t-shirt and jeans with a blue or navy blazer. Match that with a classy watch, Jackie O's and a bag, and you're styling at any occasion. 

Blue Blazer outfit womens



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