Floral Bow Ties

Blooming and bright, floral bow ties can bring a lively and unique feature to any outfit. The spring and summer months are both exceptional times for a gentleman to sport such a fresh and whimsical design, as the flowers are blossoming and their vibrant colors are beautiful to behold. Our collection of floral bow ties feature luxurious Liberty London fabrics that showcase a gentleman’s personal style and his appreciation for aesthetic flare. Not only do floral bow ties bring a fresh and confident energy to an ensemble, but they also emphasize the beauty of artistry. A floral bow tie is for the poised gentleman who enjoys incorporating bright and bold elements into his wardrobe. Shop R. Hanauer’s colorful, floral bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, we are devoted to making bow ties and menswear accessories in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina. We proudly make our products locally in our workshop in Fort Mill, where our talented team creates handmade bow ties and gentlemen’s accessories, as well as made to order items at the request of our customers. Our father and son team, Randy and Randall Hanauer are often present at the shop, and still enjoy being extremely involved in the creation process of our products. Both gentlemen still select the fabrics and materials that are utilized to construct every bow tie, necktie, pocket square, and cummerbund set. When ordering a bow tie from R. Hanauer, a gentleman can expect a skillfully made product that is cut by hand and sewn by an experienced team. We understand the importance of quality and style, which is why we hand cut our bow ties on a bias. This method ensures that our bows maintain their original shape and are easy to tie, so that they look their very best for many years of good use. At R. Hanauer, we believe in creating products that suit every gentleman’s unique style; therefore, we offer a variety of bow tie styles, including the Henry, Philip, Stuart, Jackson, Stanley, and the Louie. We are proud to create handmade bow ties and menswear accessories in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Shop our collection of floral bow ties to find an exceptional bow that will add a touch of vibrancy to any ensemble.


The History of Floral Bow Ties

Flowers have always been heavily associated with the attributes of femininity due to the symbolic representations of beauty and new life. From peonies and poppies to daisies and roses, most flowers carry their very own history and symbolism. Floral fabrics were considered to be the utmost representation of wealth and luxury, and in China and Japan, the incorporation of flowers in clothing was a distinct way to showcase privilege and regality. One of the most common flowers to be illustrated in Chinese floral fabrics, most notably floral silks, were peonies. Peonies are known for their dynamic beauty, and are said to be a respectable flower that also symbolizes affluence.
Floral fabrics became even more accepted due to the expansion of trade, and their complex nature and the intricate designs attracted those who were born into wealth, or those who were of a noble stature. Many European fabrics were directly inspired by the beautiful, budding creations of India. Originally, the Europeans were fascinated with the Indian fabric, chintz, as floral designs decorated the fabric, and the flowers were accompanied by an appealing, polished texture. Many Europeans benefited from trading and selling this elaborate fabric, and it was not until a much later date that they discovered how to produce it for themselves.
Floral fabrics came in an array of colors and each featured a range of different flowers that represented individual elements of culture and history. With each unique fabric came a distinct approach to achieving such a coveted appearance, which made floral fabrics a possession that only the rich could often obtain. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that floral fabrics became more prevalent within the general public. The fabrics could be made at a faster rate, and in an efficient manner, making the process less time consuming and more affordable.
The popularity of floral fabrics grew immensely once a greater amount of people could purchase it, and therefore use it for their own artistic creations.


When to Sport a Floral Bow Tie

A floral bow tie says that a gentleman is not afraid to showcase his animated and charismatic personality. While florals are often bright and playful, when styled correctly, a floral bow tie can also be quite sophisticated.
Floral bow ties are an exceptional choice for a springtime social, a summer brunch, or even more celebratory events such as a spring wedding or graduation.
At R. Hanauer, we strive to create products that inspire confidence and elegance, and it is our hope that every gentleman can find a bow tie in one of our various collections that speaks to his very own vision of style.