Navy Bow Ties

A navy bow tie adds a great level of sophistication and class to any outfit. R. Hanauer carries a variety of navy blue bow ties in numerous designs to compliment every style. In this collection of bow ties, we proudly present an assortment of patterns like plaid, stripes, and beyond. R. Hanauer guarantees that gentlemen will make strong impressions while standing out from the crowd. Shop our selection of handmade navy bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

R. Hanauer’s bow ties are all handmade in the workshop to-order from our hardworking and talented team. Our father and son owners Randy and Randall Hanauer always carefully select the types of fabrics and materials for our products. We specialize in featuring English and Italian silk in our ties. When the order process has begun, ties are cut on the table by hand. Instead of cutting on the straight of grain to make ties, we choose to cut on a bias to produce the best-tying bow tie on the market. This essentially means that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce a gentle stretch of the fabric and help the ease of tying. Our ties also include an interior lining which ensures that the structure and shape of every bow tie will remain in top quality. We’re proud to create handmade navy bow ties in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The History of the Color Navy

Navy is a deep, almost black, shade of blue. The color blue has evolved a lot over the years, spawning various shades until finally arriving at navy. A precious stone called lapis was used to develop blue colorants. Eventually, it was combined with other minerals and ingredients like limestone, calcium and indigo which allowed for various blue pigments and darker shades like navy. Around 431 A.D., the Catholic Church wanted to have the saints in a specific color scheme, and Mary was given a deep blue robe, the shade that we now consider “navy.”

Because Mary stood as a symbol for being trustworthy and innocent, that specific color of blue was seen in a positive way. This same hue was later adopted by the police and military so that they could establish a statement of trust. Soon, it also had a direct correlation with a symbol of authority because of its popularity within the police force. The color then took on the name of “marine blue” until it was officially made the color for uniforms of the British Royal Navy. The shade of blue for Navy uniforms has darkened over the years in order to avoid the color from fading.

The Meaning of the Color Navy

Every color has a specific psychological meaning or represents a symbol of an emotion and personality. In generic and lighter shades, blue is associated with healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Navy blue, however, represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. Because of its history in heraldry and in the armed forces, it has also become a symbol of trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and authority.

Blue is considered beneficial to the body and mind. Factually, being exposed to the color blue slows the human metabolism and in return produces a calming effect. Blue is already considered a masculine color, but with its deep and dark hues, navy is assured to give gentlemen confidence and pride. When it comes to clothing and fashion decisions, colors play an important role. The personalities of color schemes assist not only in choosing the right outfit but also for describing and expressing oneself.

When to Wear a Navy Bow Tie

Personalities of color are even more helpful when applying them to fashion and wardrobe. Wearing a navy bow tie can help a gentleman to be a projection of strength and confidence. Some consider navy to be an essential fashion staple, as it has a dark tone and can easily be paired with any other color. Like black, navy is a darker shade and is regarded as a fashion-neutral color.

Navy bow ties are an appropriate choice on any given casual occasion. However, since the deep color encompasses a professional image, they can also be great to wear in a business environment. Whether it be for a formal work-related event or just another day in the office, the navy bow tie can issue a sense of class and sophistication with ease.

R. Hanauer offers specialized navy Lovingston Micro as well as chic Blue Ottoman bow ties and cummerbunds, which are great options for navy or midnight blue tuxedos. Some other suggestions on pairings with a navy bow tie can include the classic white or light blue button-up and a deep blue blazer with grey dress pants.

In addition, we present numerous styles of navy bow ties that allow for unlimited creative freedom when pairing with an outfit. This is especially important since many men like to experiment with their fashion. A gentleman can have the ultimate variety when selecting one of our ties that range from paisley, polka dotted, solid, or patchwork-style. R. Hanauer is proud to showcase these unique and custom-made navy bow ties.