Orange Bow Ties

Orange is the color of warmth and vibrance. Incorporating an orange bow tie into an ensemble is an excellent way to brighten and enhance the quality of an outfit. An orange bow tie exudes good energy, and it also provides an element of liveliness to any look. Not only are orange bow ties quite brilliant and eye-catching, but they also contribute a sense of warmth and richness to a gentleman’s attire. An orange bow tie speaks to a gentleman’s amiability and good nature, as well as his personality. At R. Hanauer, it is our hope that every gentleman who sports one of our orange bow ties always feels confident and sophisticated. At R. Hanauer, we offer a wide collection of orange bow ties in various shades and patterns. A few of our signature orange bow ties feature stripes, polka-dots, paisley prints, geometric designs, and elegant florals. Shop R. Hanauer’s collection of orange bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, our bow ties, neckties, and menswear accessories are made locally in our workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our hard working team is lead by our father and son duo, Randy and Randall Hanauer. Both Hanauer gentleman make it their priority to remain heavily involved in the creation process. The pair still carefully select the various types of fabrics and materials that are used to make our different products. At R. Hanauer, we specialize in making handmade, as well as made to order, ties and accessories, and our collections often feature both Italian and English silk from high-end, international mills. We believe in making products that last for many years to come, which is why our collections feature the very best fabrics and artistry. The R. Hanauer process officially begins when a bow tie is taken to the cutting table. The cutting table is where the product is cut by hand by one of our talented team members to begin the creation of the specific product. At R. Hanauer, we choose to cut on a bias in order to create a bow tie that is easy to tie, but still appears sharp and quality-made. A bias cut is when the pattern is cut out at a 45-degree angle, and this particular type of cutting method will ultimately ensure that the fabric has a natural stretch that makes the tying process quite effortless. Once your product is completed, we place your R. Hanauer bow tie in one of our signature boxes and we ship it directly to you for many years of good use. We are dedicated to creating handmade bow ties and menswear accessories in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Shop our variety of orange bow ties to find a stunning, new addition for your collection.

The Meaning Behind the Color Orange

Colors often have the ability to impact a person’s mood or state of being, as well as speak for an individual’s temperament. Many individuals associate the color orange with warmth and fire, as well as the beauty of the autumn months and the colors of the fall foliage, but the color also holds symbolism and deeper meaning as well.

The color orange is said to suggest the feeling of cheerfulness, as well as provide comfort to those who encounter it. The color has the ability to shift an individual's mood, as well as inspire them to be more positive and proactive. Many also consider orange to be a color of confidence due to its radiant appearance; however, subdued shades of orange can also be perceived as elegant and stunning too. A gentleman can style an orange bow tie as a conversation piece in order to make a spirited statement, or simply as a way to add a fresh take on a gentleman’s everyday attire.

When to Wear an Orange Bow Tie

There are many occasions where wearing an orange bow tie is most appropriate. As the colors of the leaves change, so do our wardrobes; therefore, the fall season is an excellent excuse to sport your favorite orange bow. With the autumn season comes the month of October, where a widely celebrated holiday, known as Halloween, is another popular time to showcase your very best orange accessories. An orange bow tie allows a gentleman to take part in all of the Halloween fun, while looking well-dressed and suave.

Orange is also a favored color among several alma maters and their athletic teams. An orange bow tie would be an ideal selection to wear to a football game, a tailgate, or a homecoming event, and it would be a stylish way to show school spirit or team pride.  

No matter the occasion, an orange bow tie brings zest to a gentleman’s attire, and we are proud to make quality, orange bow ties at R. Hanauer.