Yellow Bow Ties

Incorporating a yellow bow tie into an ensemble is an excellent way to brighten up any look. The cheerful color radiates warmth and light, as it calls attention to detail while exuding an energetic style. Our collection of yellow bow ties feature various designs and prints that make each bow a standout piece that emphasizes style, confidence, and sheer elegance. From stripes and florals to plaids and paisleys, a yellow bow tie is for the gentleman who appreciates finely crafted accessories that make a statement. Bask in the radiance of a yellow bow, and shop R. Hanauer’s collection of handmade bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, we are dedicated to making bow ties and menswear accessories that are handmade with precision and the utmost quality. We proudly make our products in our workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina, where our skilled team creates bow ties that are made by hand, as well as made to order. Our father and son team, Randy and Randall Hanauer can often be found at the shop, as both gentlemen still prioritize being involved in the creation process. When ordering an R. Hanauer bow tie, a gentleman can expect a stylish, well-crafted product that is cut by hand and sewn by a talented team. Every bow tie, necktie, pocket square, and cummerbund set is made with exceptional fabrics from around the world, as the Hanauer gentlemen still handpick the materials that fashion their esteemed products. The creation process begins at the cutting table, where our bows are cut by hand on a bias. This method ensures that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle, creating a resilient bow tie that maintains its shape, but is also easy to tie. At R. Hanauer, we believe in making products that suit every gentleman’s individual style and needs; therefore, we offer a variety of bow tie styles, including the Henry, Philip, Stuart, Jackson, Stanley, and Louie cuts. Shop our collection of yellow bow ties to find a unique bow that will brighten up your wardrobe and style.

The History and Meaning of the Color Yellow

Today, many people associate the color yellow with the feelings of positivity, happiness, and joy. In the past, the color was used in art as a substitute for gold, simply because it replicated the qualities and characteristics of gold, but it was more abundant and easily accessible. While gold often symbolizes victory, royalty, and light, the color yellow also holds the same representative features. Today, the bright color commands attention, and many consider it a color of inspiration and achievement.

When sporting a yellow bow tie, not only does a gentleman evoke a confident demeanor, but he is also calling attention to his positive and encouraging nature. The color yellow is often used to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals and to aspire to greatness. Yellow is a popular color to wear when wanting to be noticed, simply because it draws the eye, much like how the sun attracts attention as it shines through the clouds. Color selections within an ensemble create conversation and speak to the personal style of those who wear them. Integrating a yellow bow tie into an ensemble might seem like a minimal addition to an outfit, but it truly elevates the look and brings a sensational element to a gentleman’s personal style.

When to Wear a Yellow Bow Tie

Due to the color yellow being commonly affiliated with sunshine and warmth, sporting a yellow bow tie in the spring is a must. Special occasions such as Easter Sunday, spring and summer weddings, graduations, and prom are all wonderful opportunities for a gentleman to don a yellow bow tie.

In the workplace or an academic setting, a yellow bow tie is the perfect accessory to sport when giving a presentation, or simply when trying to make a good first impression. The color is memorable and uplifting, meaning that it will stand out in an individual's mind. A yellow bow tie also suggests that a gentleman is comfortable in his own skin, and does not shy away from the opportunity to showcase his abilities and talents with others. At R. Hanauer, we strive to create bow ties and menswear accessories that are as memorable as the occasions that they’re worn for. We understand the importance and value of dressing for every occasion, and it is our hope that every gentleman feels appreciated and represented when browsing through our various collections. We are proud to create handmade, yellow bow ties locally in Fort Mill, South Carolina.