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    The Gentleman's Guide to Bow Ties & Fine Accessories

    • May 04, 2022 The History of the Bow Tie
      The History of the Bow Tie

      Bow tie history is rich - and continues to evolve.

      Let's explore the bow tie's fantastic journey from past to present: from the battle field to French fashion shows, to bold captains of industry and glamourous movie icons, to ... YOU. 

    • March 14, 2022 Periwinkle: What’s in a Color?
      Periwinkle: What’s in a Color?

      Whether you insist it’s periwinkle blue or periwinkle purple, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022 - Very Peri - is a stunning hue with a rich and somewhat mysterious history to match.

      The periwinkle color is terrifically handsome alongside a broad spectrum of colors to boot - making it an excellent choice in bow ties and other fine menswear accessories for Spring, Summer, and beyond. 

      Learn all about the periwinkle color and how you can incorporate it into your style this year. 

    • February 03, 2022 Can You Wear a Bow Tie With a Suit?
      Can You Wear a Bow Tie With a Suit?

      At R. Hanauer, we believe you can wear a bow tie - with a suit, tuxedo or pajamas - on any day that ends in D-A-Y. But we know not everyone is cut from our family’s cloth

      We all know a bow tie is to be worn with a tuxedo, but some are not so sure about how to incorporate a bow tie into day-to-day wear. 

      So, can you wear a bow tie with a suit? Absolutely. Let’s get into some suit and bow tie details:


    • January 13, 2022 What Is Sprezzatura Style?
      What Is Sprezzatura Style?

      Sprezzatura” is an Italian word that has long been used in men’s fashion. But - perhaps because of the 2021 film House of Gucci - it has recently caught more eyes and ears than is typical.

      By the sound of it, “sprezzatura style” may sound like a lofty goal to achieve, yet many gentlemen already have it! Here we will define the term and share some easy-to-accomplish sprezzatura examples.