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    The Gentleman's Guide to Bow Ties & Fine Accessories

    • November 22, 2019 The Charm of Christmas & Holiday Bow Ties
      The Charm of Christmas & Holiday Bow Ties

      The holidays add a whole new dimension to a gentleman’s collection of - and enthusiasm for - fine accessories. From deep reds and festive greens to luxe fabrics and playful patterns, it’s a dapper lad’s winter fashion wonderland. 

      What’s more - the season offers endless gift ideas for the distinguished men in your life who can never have too many Christmas bow ties and yuletide finery. 

      We’ve curated some of our favorite Jolly ClassicsFestive Formal Wear and Lively Looks to help you plan your merry wardrobe - or to shop for the perfect gift for dad, brother, cousin and grandpa.

    • November 15, 2019 The History of Tartan
      The History of Tartan

      There’s something wonderfully festive and distinguished about tartan. It’s handsome and strong, steeped in history and tradition, and - for many - it’s even familial and symbolic. Donning your tartan of choice can make you stand a bit taller and socialize a bit longer as new memories settle in beside your nostalgia. 

      But do you know the difference between tartan and plaid? Scottish vs Irish vs Madras? Learn about the colorful history of tartan, and let us help you find the perfect tartan look for the holidays and beyond.

    • October 28, 2019 How To Fold a Pocket Square
      How To Fold a Pocket Square The pocket square is among the well-dressed gentleman’s most essential fine accessories. For those who know how to fold a pocket square, the accessory is a celebrated closet staple. For those who don't - we are here to help! 

      Learn how to fold a pocket square into its 3 most important ways: the Presidential Fold, the Magic Fold, and the Points Up Fold.
    • October 21, 2019 R. Hanauer's Men's Fall Fashion Essentials
      R. Hanauer's Men's Fall Fashion Essentials

      Ahhh, October - the leaves are on the turn, the air is sweet and cool, and the floodgates on men’s fall fashion are officially open. Well-dressed gentlemen from coast to coast are unpacking their classics and stocking up on the latest in orange, emerald green and burgundy bow ties and neckties - deep, rich autumnal colors that signal warmth, festivity and tradition.  

      Comprised of more than 100 luxe and eye-catching men’s fall accessories, inspired by classic Ivy League style, R. Hanauer’s impeccable 2019 Fall Collection is one to indulge in. GO ON THEN.