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    The Gentleman's Guide to Bow Ties & Fine Accessories

    • August 13, 2020 Your 5-Step Guide to Preppy Style
      Your 5-Step Guide to Preppy Style

      Classic, crisp, clean. These are the pillars on which all preppy outfits are built. No matter the destination, the aim is to look sharp and effortlessly put together - which is not always an easy feat.

      But worry not. We have created a five-step guide to preppy style that will help you hit the mark, every time.

    • July 21, 2020 How to Look Good on Zoom
      How to Look Good on Zoom

      Well-dressed gentlemen who, not so long ago, took great pride in their day-to-day ensembles are faced in these corona times with a whole new challenge: how to look good on Zoom.

      Whether you’re up against a full day of video calls or you’re preparing for an interview, not to worry - we're here to help. We have some tips and tricks that will keep you looking sharp … at least from the keyboard up.  

    • June 11, 2020 Seersucker: What It Is, How to Wear It & How to Care for It
      Seersucker: What It Is, How to Wear It & How to Care for It

      As temperatures climb, it’s time to revisit every gentleman’s favorite warm-weather staple: seersuckerIt’s light and cool, sophisticated and classic - and perfect for summertime events. 

      But many who wear seersucker are unaware of its history, aren’t totally confident in wearing it, and need tips on how to keep it fresh and crisp. We have your guide.

    • May 13, 2020 Tuxedo Shirt Styles - A Guide
      Tuxedo Shirt Styles - A Guide

      The tux tends to get all the glory - but the tuxedo shirt deserves the credit of co-star rather than a supporting role. From collar to cuff, various tuxedo shirt styles can feature a number of subtle and stunning details. They help you  showcase your personality, and serve as a canvas for your - the well-dressed gentleman - finest accessories. 

      We have prepared a tuxedo shirt guide to help you feel comfortable and confident in your attire and accessory choices - no matter if you’re shopping online or in store.