Formal Bow Ties

Wearing a bow tie is an expression of your sense of style and personality. It is the ultimate fashion accessory at any formal event from a wedding, to a ball, charity fundraiser, black tie evening, awards ceremony, and many more. When the occasion calls for formal dress, semi-formal, or black tie you'll want to be sporting a formal bow tie to match the environment. Shop our collection of formal bow ties below:

Luxury Style Made In The USA

R. Hanauer began designing and manufacturing bow ties and men's accessories more than 30 years ago. Randy Hanauer, who still owns the company, wanted to bring American men fashionable and interesting accessories that extended beyond the traditional white pocket square and handkerchief. The brand soon found a popular place in the market by producing stylish, high-quality products for men of all ages. This family owned business is dedicated to impeccable standards of manufacturing and crafts each piece by hand in the US. Each and every R. Hanauer bow tie, necktie, cummerbund set or pocket square is handmade in the USA.

The brand blends this local heritage with an international appeal. The luxurious fabrics used in each contemporary designed piece have been sourced from around the world. While R. Hanauer celebrates the pride of local manufacturing and craftsmanship, its pieces are made to rival major international fashion brands. With a bespoke experience at the heart of the company, Randy still selects the fabrics that are used in each hand cut and hand sewn bow tie collection that is made in the Fort Mill workshop.

An Innovative Design

Each R. Hanauer bow tie is unique in the way that it is cut on the bias. This innovative technique gives each product extra strength while also allowing it to hold its shape better in a classic knot. As today's different occasions and tastes call for many different types of bow ties, R. Hanauer offers different bow tie styles to accommodate. Traditionalists will appreciate the classic cut of the Philip or Henry, while those looking for something a bit bolder or cutting edge will go for the Diamond End series and the Stanley and Louie styles. Each bow tie is also available in a pre-tied option to make life easier.

A Perfect Formal Bow Tie

If you have a formal event coming up on your calendar you need the right kind of bow tie to fit the occasion. It's also a good idea to have a formal bow tie in your wardrobe should the opportunity or event ever come up. Events like weddings, balls, charity fundraisers, dances, formal dinners or garden parties, cotillions, awards ceremonies, and other events often require formal or black tie dress.

To add to the sophisticated vibes of these events men are usually required to wear a white dress shirt, waistcoat or cummerbund, tuxedo jacket, and dress shoes. Traditional rules often still dictate the wearing of a bow tie to these types of events. While a classic black bow tie is still a popular look for a formal event, today's modern world offers more chance for differentiation through different patterns, shapes, and even colors of bow ties.

To elevate your formal look, R. Hanauer offers a wide range of formal bow ties to suit any personality and occasion. In addition to white cotton pique for full dress, we offer 100 percent silk formal bow ties in a variety of designs from plaids to polka dots, stripes, houndstooths, paisleys and basketweaves. Each design is offered in our six different bow tie cuts for added choice.

A Quality, Handmade Fit

At R. Hanauer you have added flexibility in your formal wear choice. As all our bow ties are handmade, they are fully customizable according to your needs. If you've seen a particular color or design that you like, just let us know and we can send a free swatch sample for you to try. If you need a particular size we also offer a more bespoke service that caters to you.

To browse our selection or to speak about a particular design contact R. Hanauer today at 800-514-9707 or