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bow ties
stripe necktie
Our fine bandanas and scarves are made with pure cotton and handcrafted in Italy.
Black Bow Ties

Think of black tie, or more specifically black bow ties, and you might instantly conjure up images of an elegantly tailored tuxedo. Black bow ties are a statement in themselves speaking to the stature and style of the wearer. Browse R. Hanauer’s selection of handmade black bow ties below:

A History of Style

Bow ties were originally popularized by the French in the 18th and 19th centuries as a style statement among the upper classes. Though once the domain of high society, bow ties today have taken on a versatility for any occasion that extends beyond the ballrooms and operas of Europe. Many men even enjoy wearing a bow tie on a daily basis, as a compliment to a blazer, dress shirt or even a sweater. Yet the black bow tie still holds its panache as the go-to choice for formal wear.

A Commitment to Quality

We R. Hanauer has been passionate about men's accessories and bow ties in particular for more than 30 years. The business began when its owner Randy Hanauer decided that men needed a more stylish alternative to the boring white pocket squares and handkerchiefs of the time. Hanauer focused his knowledge of fabric, design, and color and experience in the manufacturing industry to create this distinctly American brand.

Today R. Hanauer remains an American made company rooted in local craftsmanship and pride. Each bow tie, necktie, pocket square, cummerbund or other accessory is made in the company's workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The brand incorporates luxurious imported fabrics and contemporary designs into its product. Randy still selects the fabric for each bow tie collection before each piece is hand-cut and hand-sew in the Fort Mill workshop. As such, quality products and honest working relationships are a cornerstone of R. Hanauer's ethos.

A Versatile Style

Each of R. Hanauer's bow ties are cut on the bias to give them extra stretch so that they hold their shape in a classic knot. To meet the needs of a seasoned bow tie wearer, the brand offers six different styles ranging from the traditional Philip or Henry styles to the more adventurous Diamond End selection like the Stanley and Louie styles.

A Bold Statement

A black bow tie should always be worn to grand events such as balls, cocktail parties, the opera, fundraisers or upscale dinners, but be sure to always pay attention to invitations. Anytime “Black Tie” appears on an invitation, tuxedoes are expected to be worn. The gentlemen’s standard when it comes to black tie consists of a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, a cummerbund, a dinner jacket and black dress shoes. To make your tuxedo stand out, browse our selection of black bow ties.

R. Hanauer offers a vibrant collection of classic and contemporary black bow ties in a range of styles to stand out at any formal event. From gingham, to windowpane print, plaid, paisley, and polka dot you'll find something to express your style at any black tie event.

A Customizable Option

As all R. Hanauer bow ties are handmaid they are also fully customizable. If you are looking for a particular color or design just let us know. We can send over a free swatch to see if it suits you. If you need a particular size we can also work on creating it especially for you.

Contact R. Hanauer at 800-514-9707 or if you have something in mind or just want to browse our selection.

formal bow tie and cummerbund sets

A black necktie by R. Hanauer can help elevate your black tie with classic and custom touch.  With a variety of striped, polka dot and more unique designs, R. Hanauer is sure to have the black necktie to complete your look. Shop our handmade black ties today:

pocket square

The Black Pocket Square - and all its glorious Houndstooth and Polka Dot variations - provide an opportunity to visually anchor your colorful suit with a tiny splash of sophisticated elegance. 

We believe, without a pocket square - black or otherwise - an outfit is incomplete. 

Blue Bow Ties

A blue bow tie can take any classic grey or navy suit to the next level by expressing a gentleman’s confidence and character. In this collection of bow ties, we proudly present various shades ranging from light blue to royal blue and an assortment of patterns like plaid, stripes, and beyond. R. Hanauer guarantees you’ll be making a lasting impression while standing out from the crowd. Shop our selection of handmade blue bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

R. Hanauer’s bow ties are all made in the workshop by hand and to order from our hardworking team. Our father and son team Randy and Randall Hanauer always carefully select the types of fabrics and materials for our products. We specialize in featuring Italian and English silk in our ties. After the order process has begun, ties are cut on the table by hand. While some companies cut on the straight of grain to make their ties, we choose to cut on a bias to produce the best-tying bow tie on the market. This means that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric and ease of tying. An interior lining also ensures that the structure and shape of each bow tie will stay in its best condition. We’re proud to create handmade blue bow ties, neckties and cummerbund sets in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The History of the Color Blue

Historically, the color blue was very unique because it wasn’t seen in nature as much as greens or yellows. Blue is now considered a very standard color base, yet the word “blue” didn’t even exist in Greek times. Close to 6,000 years ago is when humans began to develop blue colorants from lapis, a precious stone. Lapis is a big contributor to the history of the color. It originated in Afghanistan and was traded in Egypt. The bright blue color of the mineral is what attracted the Egyptians. Lapis was combined with other ingredients, such as calcium and limestone and eventually produced various blue pigments. This is when the Egyptian word for "blue” was created.

The Meaning of Blue

There are deeper and more psychological meanings behind everything, even colors. Through its many shades, blue is known to have an impact on mood and emotion as well as aesthetic. If you took businesses in consideration, blue is utilized in logos and designs because they are proven to be serene and visually appealing. Many people associate feelings of calmness and peacefulness with the color blue. This is likely because we can easily imagine an open and endless clear blue sky or the pure waters of the ocean.

It is safe to say that colors have a tremendous impact on our clothing decisions. Color scheme personalities exist to help describe people and even the choices that they make in fashion. If your favorite color were blue, it could suggest that you are conservative and trusting of others. Blue is one of the most popular of colors, especially being a number one pick when it comes to men. Perhaps a contribution to this trend is because blue is seen as the most masculine color, aside from black. In addition to bringing on feelings of strength and serenity, blue can be a symbol of creativity. We hope a gentleman feels he is both himself and one-of-a-kind when wearing a blue R. Hanauer bow tie.

When to Wear a Blue Bow Tie

When it comes to applying these color personalities in a wardrobe, wearing a blue bow tie can help a gentleman seem more calm and approachable. It illustrates a traditional value but can contain a unique twist. A simple color choice of blue can make others more comfortable and communicative at an event. If one were to be at a social outing, it is important to be open visually while conversing with others. This color is a sign of trustworthiness, loyalty, and stability which is a good thing to keep in mind when picking an outfit for a certain occasion.

Blue bow ties typically encompass a classic and professional feel and can be worn in a casual or professional business environment, especially at client meetings or during a public speaking event. A sky or baby blue can be softer yet inviting, while a cobalt or royal blue can help call for more attention and flair. Many men like to experiment with their fashion pairings, so nothing is completely off the table when choosing the right bow tie for an outfit.

We offer over one-hundred creative options in our collection of blue bow ties, each special in their own way. Gentlemen have the freedom to choose charming and exclusive designs of polka dots, floral, plaid, or even solid blue bow ties. Whether the hue dominates at its forefront of the tie or simply makes a subtle appearance, R. Hanauer is proud to showcase these custom-made blue bow ties.

tartan bow tie and cummerbund sets
navy neckties

With the ability to be both casual and formal, a blue R. Hanauer necktie is guaranteed to complement almost any shirt or suit.  We offer a variety of shades ranging from sky blue to dark blue and an assortment of patterns to guarantee you’ll look your best in your unique style. Shop R. Hanauer’s selection of handmade blue neckties today:

Bow Tie and Pocket Square Sets
Bow Ties and Pocket Squares are the "peas and carrots" of the men's fashion world - they go together perfectly. Don't leave the house without your set - and be assured that you're always at the peak of your good, confident look.
Bow Ties
Bow tie orders placed before 1:00 PM EST Monday-Friday are made and shipped the same day. Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders of $150 or more!
As a family-owned and run business, we put customer service at the top of our priority list. If you are unsure about a color or design, just ask. We would be happy to send you a free swatch.  

Unique & Handmade Bow Ties

The talented group of artists and creators in our Fort Mill workshop hand makes each bow tie to order. Once an order is placed, we begin on the cutting table where the bow tie fabric is cut on a bias to give it the famous R. Hanauer stretch. Although the bias cut yields less product from each yard of fabric, it makes our bow ties much more flexible and durable for many years of tying and wear.

Once the fabric is cut, it is passed to one of our seamstresses to be artfully sewn (including a bias-cut lining to preserve shape over time). After our seamstress individually sews each bow tie they are ready to be placed in our signature black box. Next step? The handmade bow tie is shipped out to you for years of gentlemanly enjoyment.

How to sew a bow tie


Although many other outfits opt to manufacture their bow ties overseas, we believe in making our bow ties at home. Most of the tags on popular neck wear brands will not say "Made in America." American-made products are becoming more of a rarity, and there is a growing difference between mass-manufactured products and our handmade, high-quality bow ties.

The Hanauer family is closely involved in every step of the process, and father-and-son team Randy and Randall Hanauer hand-select the silk, cotton, linen, and wool fabrics for each collection of bow ties. We are dedicated to creating American-made bow ties, preserving quality, and craftsmanship over making a profit.

Our Bow Tie Styles

To accommodate the seasoned and serious bow tie wearer, R. Hanauer bow ties come in various styles - ranging from the classic Philip and Henry styles, to the more unique Diamond End bow ties like the Stanley and Louie. Learn all you ever wanted to know about bow tie styles!

When Should I Wear a Bow Tie?

Bow ties are suitable for numerous occasions. Our formal bow ties are a great selection for formal evening and black tie events. If an invitation states "black tie optional", we always opt-in to wearing a tuxedo and cummerbund set. If an event is declared "white tie," it is best to wear the traditional white cotton bow tie.

Groomsmen will often sport bow ties for weddings, whether it's before or after six o'clock. We enjoy working with grooms and brides on their wedding bow ties and offer exclusive discounts for wedding orders.

Doctors and professors often get the stereotype of being bow tie wearing professionals (a stereotype we fully support) and may opt for more traditional styles like plaid bow ties or striped bow ties. For a social event, conversational, southern bow ties make a great ice breaker and statement piece all at once.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

We realize, even with the best-tying bow tie on the market, wrangling a bow tie is not always an easy feat. Many debate between self-tie and pre-tied bow ties - but we find self-tied bow ties consistently result in a better looking bow tie. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on How to Tie a Bow Tie: 

halloween bow tie

Looking for quality, hand made Bow Ties on Sale? You've come to right place!

Shop our clearance and find your perfect bow tie, at the perfect price. These bow ties are discounted only in price, not in style.

Orders placed before 1:00 PM EST Monday-Friday are made and shipped the same day. All sales of discounted items are final.

Receive 33% off 3 or more sale bow ties with code BUY3BOWS 
*Discount code applies to sale items only. One code per order.

Boys Bow Ties

R. Hanauer has been in the business of creating sophisticated and unique accessories for men for over thirty years. Not only do we create handmade bow ties for the distinguished gentleman, but we also make and supply all of our handmade bow ties for children in toddler and youth sizes. We believe that the qualities of a true gentleman are established at an early age; therefore, the little gentleman in your life should be able to dress the part as well. R. Hanauer’s youth bow ties come in a variety of colors and designs to showcase every little boys’ individual personality and style. Shop our collection of Youth Bow Ties today and find the perfect fit for your child, grandson, nephew, or brother.

The R. Hanauer Story

R. Hanauer is locally based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, where our bow ties, neckties, cummerbunds, and pocket squares are handmade and made to order in our workshop by our fantastic and hardworking team. One thing that sets us apart from others is that our father and son team, otherwise known as Randy and Randall Hanauer, are always involved in the creation process of our products. The Hanauer gentlemen carefully select the types of fabrics and materials, such as silk, cotton, linen, and wool, that are used to create our accessories. Our fabrics originate from esteemed, international mills, and we specifically specialize in English and Italian silk. Randy Hanauer founded R. Hanauer in order to bring dynamic and distinct accessories to the style of the American gentleman. At R. Hanauer, we pride ourselves on creating products that are versatile and expressive. Every gentleman has his own personal style and preferences, and we believe that it is crucial to create accessories that allow for an individual’s taste and personality to ultimately shine through.

The Details of the Design

Once your order has been placed with us, the R. Hanauer creation process has officially begun. Your bow tie fabric is taken to the cutting table, where it is first cut by hand to begin the formation of the product. Oftentimes, bow ties are cut on the straight of grain; however, at R. Hanauer we choose to cut on a bias in order to achieve a quality stretch and to create a finished product that is easy to tie, and looks sophisticated and polished as well. This process will make certain that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric, resulting in the best-tying bow tie on the market. Our dedicated team follows these intricate steps during the creation process so that we can guarantee that the structure and shape of each and every bow tie will stay in its prime condition. Finally, your R. Hanauer bow tie is delicately placed in our signature box and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment for years to come. We are proud to create handmade bow ties for boys so that they can look and feel their very best while showcasing their very own sharp style.

The History of the Bow Tie

While many of us love and own many bow ties today, and take pride in wearing them, the first appearance of the classic menswear accessory was actually recorded around the seventeenth century, and its origination specifically dates back to the Thirty Years’ War. In fact, during the war, Croatian mercenaries sported a conventional fabric around their necks in order to fasten together their shirts; this was then viewed as a fashionable statement, and the style was eventually emulated by the French elite. Due to the growing popularity of the style, the King of France concluded that this accessory must be made a mandatory piece in a gentleman’s formal attire. In order to honor and ultimately represent the true origination of the style, the French king issued the name “La Cravat” after the Croatian men who influenced such a fine, elegant look.

When Should Boys Wear Bow Ties?

While a bow tie is an excellent choice for a little gentleman in attendance of a formal event such as a wedding, it can also be the perfect accessory for school picture day, or to incorporate some festiviness into an outfit for the holidays, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. A dashing outfit for a fancy dinner date with the family would include khaki pants, a white or solid colored button down, and a bow tie of his choice. Let him further showcase his personality and style with a sweater vest or suspenders, and he will have a look that is adorable, but also quite handsome.  At R. Hanauer, we are honored to create pieces for our clientele that are quite diverse and timeless, and we are proud to offer toddler and youth sizes for those who wish to dress in classic pieces that accentuate the confident and stylish nature of every gentleman, no matter their age.
stripe bow tie
Burgundy Bow Ties
trad neckties
black satin suspenders

Button Suspenders are the more sophisticated, elegant cousin of the clip-on suspenders. To wear them, you'll need to have buttons sewn on your pants. 

R. Hanauer offers its selection of high-quality button suspenders in silk or grosgrain. They're available in many solid colors, stripes, houndstooth and skulls.