Prom Bow Ties

Prom is the highlight of the school calendar. The big dance is a night to remember and a chance to dress your best to impress your date. No matter what your prom theme is, a classic or contemporary bow tie sets the tone for the evening and allows you to look your very best. Shop R. Hanauer’s collection of prom bow ties below:

R. Hanauer offers more discerning clients a selection of bow ties and formal accessories that far exceed the traditional packaged offerings at formal wear outlets. Whether you pair our handmade, high-quality bow ties with a tuxedo or suit, our linen or silk accessories are the perfect way to finish off your outfit. As R. Hanauer also offers a refined and fashionable color palette, you can select the right piece to match the theme of the night or to coordinate with your date.

As one of the leading men's accessory manufacturers, R. Hanauer outfits the South's most stylish gentlemen for formal events. R. Hanauer's handcrafted prom collection includes a stylish assortment of bow ties to suit the occasion.

A History of Prom Fashion

Prom originates from the word promenade, for the tradition of parading guests at a party. Prom, as it is known today, can trace its roots back to co-ed banquets held for graduating classes at American universities in the 19th century. Yet as a growing youth culture took hold proms became events for younger crowds and by the 1940s they were well established as the formal dance for high schoolers that we know today.

By the 1950s, in booming post-war America, schools began to host their proms outside of the gym moving them to fancy hotels and country clubs. To match the changing times, fashions of the 50's included tea-length dresses and full skirts that allowed wearers to dance the night away with their suitably attired dates.

The 1960s and 1970s saw the modernization of prom, with women choosing contemporary dress silhouettes in floral and pastel prints and men going for more colorful or bold tuxedos and suits. By the time the 1980s and 1990s rolled around prom fashion got bigger and sometimes even brighter.

Today's modern proms offer guests a plethora of choices and a chance to truly express themselves whether in classic and traditional looks or more avant-garde style.

A Gentleman's Prom Attire

Prom marks a special time in a young man's life and is often one of the first instances you have to dress for a formal situation. As such, it's important to consider each element of the prom outfit in order to get it right:

Jacket: To look like a truly well-dressed guest, avoid the synthetic offering of rental tuxedos and choose a well-structured tuxedo or suit jacket in a classic black. A tuxedo jacket should have either peaked lapels or a shawl collar in black satin or the same material as the rest of the jacket. It should also have a working buttonhole for a boutonniere.

Trousers: Your trousers should elegantly match your jacket with either a satin tuxedo stripe that matches the lapels or a completely monochrome set. The trousers should be held up with braces that button inside the waistband instead of a belt

Shirt: To compliment the overall elegant tone choose a crisp, well-made white shirt for the classic black and white look. The shirt should have a stiff vertical band called a placket in the center. Buttonholes should be fastened with studs rather than sewn on buttons. Cuffs should also be French-style.

Neckwear: For the more formal traditionalists, a well-made black satin or faille bow tie is the standard. A bow tie is not necessarily required, and a well-made necktie may be considered.

Shoes: Like your suit, your shoes should be polished and black. It's best not to try to break in a new pair of shoes on the night of your prom so make sure that you're well prepared.

Waist: Either a vest or cummerbund should be paired with your tuxedo. Choosing a vest or cummerbund in black satin or faille is always a good choice, but if you're going to choose a colored piece make sure it ties into your whole look, as well as your date’s.

Accents: You have a few options in picking out your shirt studs and cufflinks. They should match or at least compliment your entire look. Remember not to mix different metals such as silver or gold in your outfit. Adding a boutonniere is an elegant way to add a pop of color, just be sure to stick to a single flower to avoid looking like you're wearing a bouquet.

American Made Quality for Prom

R. Hanauer has led the way in stylish accessories for men for more than three decades. Owner Randy Hanauer started the brand after he noticed a gap in the market for better designed pocket squares. Today, R. Hanauer is still family owned and focused on pushing the boundaries of what extraordinary craftsmanship and manufacturing can be in their collection of bow ties, neckwear, and other men's accessories. Each R. Hanauer piece is still handmade in the brand's Fort Mill, South Carolina workshop to impeccable standards.

R. Hanauer blends local heritage with internationally acclaimed style. Randy himself sources the fabrics used to design each piece from premium textile producers all over the world. Pieces are authentic and handcrafted with a bespoke experience at the heart of each R. Hanauer product made in the United States.