Liven up Your Fall Style With a Paisley Tie or Bow Tie

Liven up Your Fall Style With a Paisley Tie or Bow Tie

The paisley tie and bow tie. Is there any style accessory more handsome, endearing and essential in modern menswear? The pattern simultaneously celebrates tradition and whimsy, suggests maturity as well as youth, and is immediately recognizable -  despite its many forms and expressions.

At R. Hanauer, the charm, sophistication and personality offered by the versatile paisley makes it prominent in every collection - and none more so than during the cool weather months.

Our Fall 2020 Collection is brimming with gorgeous all-silk paisley ties, bow ties and pocket squares. Before we share some of our standouts, though, let’s dig into a little paisley history.

A Brief History of the Paisley

The delightfully decorative paisley has been a textile staple in our hemisphere since the 18th Century, and traces its roots to 9th Century Afghanistan. It’s believed that the paisley’s droplet shape was inspired by a floral spray and the cypress tree, and considered a symbol of faith and eternal life, as well as “strength and resistance but modesty”.


Persian Paisley Silk Brocade

Originally called the boteh or buta, the “pine” was most often presented in predictable rows. Designers in India put their own spin on the pattern, packing numerous shapes into a small space to create the wonderfully busy motif still popular today. Dedicated weavers of the Scottish textile town of Paisley are credited with making the pattern a Western mainstay.

Though the pattern goes by many names - including “Persian pickles” by some American craftspeople - it reads just as sweet. Here are a few of our favorite pieces, starting with the most traditional and conservative, and progressing to more modern-day interpretations:

Pines & Traditional Paisleys

Our Stratford Pine Necktie is an Autumn must-have. Woven in England and made in the USA, this striking but simple blue paisley tie is also available in a red necktie and bow tie (both notably gorgeous additions to your Christmas and Valentine line up of accessories), and also as a bow tie in navy


Paisley tie - Blue Stratford Pine Necktie

The ornate Staunton Pine - pictured here in an elegant purple paisley bow tie - offers a touch of whimsy and movement to the traditional gentleman’s attire. Bow ties also come in blue and gray, neckties in blue, gray and purple, and a stunning cummerbund set is available in blue and purple

Paisley bow tie - Purple Staunton Pine Bow Tie

Fresh Takes on the Classic Paisley

Crisp and clean, bright and warm - this reversible Green Paisley/Plaid Pocket Square is exactly what your fall closet is craving. And paired with a complementary bow tie (like this Fall-stylish brown & blue striped one)? Just magnificent!

Made in Italy, the all-silk paisley pocket square is also available in henna and navy.

 Paisley pocket square with Fall bow tie

We love our take on the classic black and gold paisley bow tie. It’s luxe and exciting, and incredibly festive; the perfect finishing touch. Our Banbury Paisley accessories are available in sizes Youth to XXL, and can be ordered pre-tied. Also in red, blue and purple, and as cummerbund sets.


Black and Gold Paisley Bow Tie

Paisleys for the Modern Gentleman

So fresh! So fall! Our Thornberry Paisley Bow Tie is vibrant and full of energy, making it the ideal choice for in-person and virtual meetings alike.

We’ve created four memorable color stories - purple, gold, red and black paisley bow ties - and offer two cummerbund sets

 Colorful Paisley Bow Ties

A trend we’ll always adore is the incorporation of traditional fowl and game and symbols of the hunt, mixed with classic patterns. Our Duck Paisley is a shining example of why this combination is so very delightful. Hand-made in our Fort Mill studio, these dapper ducks come in green, yellow and red.

Paisley Bow Tie with duck


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