How to Look Good on Zoom

How to Look Good on Zoom

Well-dressed gentlemen who, not so long ago, took great pride in their day-to-day ensembles are faced in these corona times with a whole new challenge: how to look good on Zoom.

A lot can happen between coffee machine and home office that can cause a dapper choice to be cast aside for a more comfortable or convenient one. 

Whether you’re up against a full day of video calls or you’re preparing for an interview, not to worry - we're here to help. We have some tips and tricks that will keep you looking sharp … at least from the keyboard up.  

The Ideal Zoom Shirt

On hold are the days of the “walk and talk” and the working lunch. Now, we sit. Looking spiffy from first call to last means considering a shirt that is: 

  • Comfortable: Choose a shirt that’s easy to wear, and perhaps slips on and off quickly. 
  • Well fitted: Keep slouching at bay with a confidence-boosting shirt that makes you want to sit up tall. 
  • Wrinkle resistant: You can hide the mess behind the screen, but you can’t escape hours-old wrinkles.
  • Breathable: Ralph from accounting may be making you sweat, but he doesn't have to know.
  • Versatile: Be prepared in case you need to add a tie or jacket for your next call.
  • Durable: Chances are you’ll wear this shirt more often than your previous wardrobe staples.
  • Complementary: Be mindful of your color palette - don’t clash with your backdrop or glow under your lights.
  • On brand: Whether you tend toward traditional or modern, align with your personal style.


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How to Dress for a Video Interview

The now commonplace video interview has job seekers unsure of how to present themselves in a screen-to-screen scenario. And interviewers aren’t necessarily clear on what’s suitable either - for their own attire, or for fair expectations of their interviewee. 

Our advice for both parties is to wear what they would have worn in pre-coronavirus times. There’s a home-field advantage for the interviewer here who will know what’s appropriate. 

In terms of the interviewee: if company culture suggests a suit, wear one. If shirt and tie sans coat feels right, go for it. If you’re unsure, wear the suit. Your interviewer will likely invite you to take your jacket off if you’re overdressed. 

Finally, we suggest you wear your full ensemble - pants, belt, socks and shoes, included. To exude confidence you must authentically feel poised and empowered.   


how to dress for a video interview

And As Always - Accessorize!

Even if you secretly wear sweatpants for mundane meetings, take care to address the aspects of your look that make it into the Zoom frame. 

As you would under normal circumstances, thoughtfully select your neck wear and pocket square. Choose colors and patterns that give you energy, convey your mood, communicate your personal style, and perhaps distract from your go-to Zoom shirt.

Include a bit of flair in your look by incorporating interesting in-frame accessories. Consider adding variety to your eyewear, switching watches or watch bands, or donning some silk knot cufflinks. Or add a bow tie or suspenders to polish your ensemble. 


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