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The Gentleman's Guide

Cummerbund Sets for Your Summer Formal Events

Cummerbund Sets for Your Summer Formal Events

While most black tie events seem to fall into the cooler months, don’t pack up your formal attire (and especially your cummerbund sets!) just yet. Summer still holds promise for exciting festivities that will keep your social calendar full and your style sharp.

We have style tips for several ways to dress the part for your summer weddings, galas, and getaways.

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Dress Like a Gentleman for New Year’s Eve

Dress Like a Gentleman for New Year’s Eve

A new year means a fresh start and endless possibilities for a gentleman’s future. Before the resolutions are made, and the beginning of another year quickly sets in, a gentleman must celebrate all of the successes of the past year, as he prepares for the new one, on New Year’s Eve. From vibrant fireworks and glittering festivities, a gentleman’s New Year’s Eve outfit should be just as dashing and iconic as the end of the year festivity that he is attending.

Formal Accessories for Your NYE Look

Many ring in the new year by celebrating throughout the evening amongst family and friends at formal affairs and galas. At R. Hanauer, our formal bow ties are made with these particular types of events in mind. We are dedicated to making bow ties, neckties, and other menswear accessories that are fit for any formal occasion, and it is our hope that our products make a gentleman look and feel his absolute best. Ringing in the new year at a black tie affair? Our Formal Black Satin Bow Tie is a must for a timeless look that is quite handsome and appropriate for many years to come. Another sparkling favorite is our Silver Ottoman Cummerbund Set because it is polished and pulls an entire look together, but it also provides a dash of shimmering sophistication to your New Year’s Eve attire. The final event of the year is an excellent occasion to sport your silver, gold, and champagne colored accessories; however, it is important to keep these pieces limited in your ensemble. While it is most acceptable to incorporate some eye-catching accessories into your look, you want to avoid being over the top, and instead, be memorable for all of the right reasons.

Festive Looks for New Year's Eve

The biggest social event of the year is not complete without some more festive looks. For the gentleman who appreciates grand statements, our Black/Purple Legacy Paisley Cummerbund Set and our Silver/Black Vero Polka Dots Bow Tie are both sensational selections that are sure to draw some attention to your ensemble throughout the evening. The rich purple featured in the paisley pattern is bright and unique, and suggests that a gentleman is excited for what is to come, and hoping for a prosperous new year. The Silver/Black Vero Polka Dots bow brings lightheartedness to one’s nighttime, formal attire, and the polka dots are a nod to a fresh start, and the beginning of a new era.

What is a New Year’s Eve extravaganza without champagne? Our Champagne Paisley Bow Tie is elegant and suave, making it quite a special choice for your New Year’s Eve fashion. Pair our Champagne Paisley Cummerbund Set with a pristine white button down and a tasteful tuxedo and you will have an ensemble that is suitable for any celebratory occasion.

When the New Year Arrives

At R. Hanauer, we are dedicated to providing gentlemen with exceptional bow ties, neckties, and menswear accessories that they can cherish for many years to come. When the clock strikes midnight, and the new year officially arrives, may yours be filled with new memories to be made, great happiness, and many noteworthy accomplishments.

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Perfect Pairs: What to Wear to Winter Formal Events

Perfect Pairs: What to Wear to Winter Formal Events

Black tie affairs often bring to mind the image of a sharply styled ensemble featuring an elegant tuxedo, a freshly pressed white dress shirt, an exquisite cummerbund set, and finally, a pocket square to complete the look. How a gentleman dresses for a formal event speaks to his character; therefore, you should dress your very best when attending a formal, black tie event. Cocktail parties, galas, the opera, and black tie weddings are all grand occasions where the formal dress code is often enforced. At R. Hanauer, we celebrate the distinguished characteristics of an individual’s style, and we have selected several dynamic pairings of cummerbund sets and pockets squares that will highlight your own authentic style.

What to Wear to the Evening Wedding

For any gentleman in attendance of a formal, evening wedding a customary tuxedo is always appropriate. While many other guests will also be sporting a dashing tuxedo ensemble, you have the opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd with the perfect cummerbund set and pocket square. Our Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set adds a dash of color to your look while also incorporating a classic traditional club that is both conversational and appropriate. The classic fox mask pattern featured on the cummerbund and matching bow tie might be subtle, but it will certainly add a one of a kind flare to your wedding attire. For an elegant event such as a wedding, the pocket square that accompanies the cummerbund set does not need to be flashy, instead, it should tie together the entire look. Our Green Whipstitch Pocket Square offers a glimpse of color that coordinates with the Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set, while allowing the unique pattern on the cummerbund set to be the focal point of the formal ensemble. 


Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set - CB2005, $185

Green Whipstitch Pocket Square - 123, $55

What to Wear to the New Year’s Eve Celebration

Ringing in the New Year calls for a look that is unique and eye catching. Silvers and golds are always stunning options for celebratory, formal events, and a glistening cummerbund set will certainly catch the eye of other guests at the party. Our Champagne Paisley Cummerbund Set would be an excellent choice for counting down the seconds into the new year. Pair it with a crisp, white pocket square, like our White Cotton Liberty, and you’ll have a look that will be talked about all year.


Champagne Paisley Cummerbund Set - CB1693, $170

White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square - 100, $25

What to Wear to the Winter Gala

Black tie galas and winter balls are the talk of the town during the yuletide season. In the south, debutante balls are often held during the winter months. These balls are formal events where young women are officially introduced into society, and they are often escorted by young gentleman into the affair. If a gentleman finds himself in attendance as a guest, or even an escort, black tie attire is a must. Our Burgundy Derwin Repp Cummerbund Set is festive for the season, while also being tasteful and classic. Pair it with our Burgundy Whipstitch Pocket Square, and you have a look that is timeless and suave, but perfect for formal winter events. 


Burgundy Derwin Repp Cummerbund Set - CB2654, $180

Burgundy Whipstitch Pocket Square - 120, $55

What to Wear to the Formal Fundraiser

Fundraisers and auctions are exciting events that are fun to dress for, but also benefit the community as well. When dressing for events such as these it is important to be comfortable, but to also have a sharp look that meets the dress code. Our Blue Ottoman Cummerbund Set would accompany a sleek navy tuxedo quite nicely. As the pattern on the cummerbund set is quite understated, our White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square offers a well-crafted look that is sophisticated and stylish.


Blue Ottoman Cummerbund Set - CB3776, $170

White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square - 100, $25

The Formal Christmas Party

A gentleman in attendance of a formal Christmas party, whether it is a social gathering or a business function, should always be dressed to the nines. While dressing appropriately and adhering to the dress code is important, there still is some leeway to incorporate some bolder and seasonal pieces into your formal attire. Our Red and Green Vero Dots Cummerbund Set is a vibrant piece that showcases a gentleman’s festive style and his classic taste. Our Red Whipstitch Pocket Square echoes the shade of red present in the cummerbund set and gives a slight nod to a candy cane, making it the perfect accessory to complete the lively ensemble.


Red and Green Vero Dots Cummerbund Set - CB2011, $225

Red Whipstitch Pocket Square - 114, $55

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The Fall Style Guide 2018

The Fall Style Guide 2018

As the air grows crisper and the colors of the leaves begin to transform before our eyes, our fall wardrobes should also reflect the changing of the seasons.

Autumn weather calls for dynamic colors and eye-catching patterns, and our Fall 2018 Collection embodies the richness and beauty of fall through finely textured accessories that are inspired by the traditional style of the timeless gentleman.

We have styled several well-crafted looks that are certain to deliver a dignified and sharp look for any fall occasion.

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Three Classic Menswear Fabrics with History

Three Classic Menswear Fabrics with History

At R. Hanauer, we make it a priority to hand select the fabrics for all of our products to ensure the utmost quality and distinction for every bow tie, necktie, and menswear accessory that we create. Behind each different fabric is an interesting history that weaves together and fashions the individuality of each product. Below are three fabrics often found in R. Hanauer collections that have diverse and colorful histories ranging from a classic Chinese silk, a vibrant English cotton, and a southern staple which originated in the east.

Dupioni Silks: Dupioni is known as the attractive, silk fabric that is acknowledged for its crisp touch and luminous look. This specific fabric is quite commonly used in bridal wear and formal garments, and it is most often woven into striped or plaid patterns. Our Mint/Lavender Dupioni Plaid Bow Tie, from our Summer 2018 Collection, is one ideal example of the lustrous nature that the all-silk fabric has to offer, as well as the plaid detailing that is woven in the fabric. It is said that silk originated in China with the use of silkworms through the process of sericulture; however, this specific fabric was only worn by the Chinese Emperors at the time. This made silk a fabric of royalty and high importance. Eventually, silk made its way out of China through exploration and the trade routes known as The Silk Road. Silk fabric not only became highly popular with royalty, but with nobility and the upper class in places such as Italy, France, and England. Dupioni silk is a heavier fabric, and the richness of the colors used in dupioni are often more apparent due to the thickness of the material which is created during the weaving process. When examining a garment made with dupioni silk, such as our Dupioni Pocket Square, the colors are quite dynamically visible, and there is a sheen to the fabric that ultimately makes it an excellent choice for fine accessories. 


Mint/Lavender Dupioni Plaid Bow Tie - B4200, $55

Dupioni Pocket Square - 2844, $50

Liberty London Fabrics: The Liberty London fabric also has a rich and prosperous history. Arthur Lasenby Liberty was born in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England in 1843. Being the son of a draper, he took apprenticeship under one; however, he left that position to work for Farmer & Rogers’, a company known for quality outerwear. He established himself within the company and soon became affiliated with their imported products, such as art and textiles, which further inspired his passion for intricate eastern designs. From there, Liberty branched out in 1875 and opened his own business, known as the East India House. He became well-known for selling oriental rugs, decorative pieces, artwork, and fabrics, and eventually his company created their own aesthetically pleasing array of colors, known as the “Liberty Colors”. As the times changed, so did the styles of fashion, and Liberty London became the name that housed all of the fabrics and garment designs. Liberty himself began to run in a high-end artistic crowd having close personal relationship with many artists from the Art Nouveau movement. When one thinks of the vibrant works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Gustav Klimt, it's no wonder such color and detail was found in the products created by Liberty. In the 1920’s, Liberty established a line of prints that featured intricate, floral detailing. These prints are best known as the “Liberty Prints,” with the most famously worn fabric being Tana Lawn. R. Hanauer has created several accessories from fine Liberty London fabrics, including the Emma & Georgina Liberty Floral Bow Tie, an all-cotton bow that provides a quintessential nostalgia towards the original Liberty London fabric. Another fine, floral piece is our Poppy’s Meadow Liberty Necktie, which features bright pops of color in an all-cotton design.

Emma & Georgina Liberty Floral Bow Tie - B4205, $50

Poppy's Meadow Liberty Necktie - F4206, $90

Seersucker: Last, but certainly not least, in our home region of the south, we have the iconic Seersucker fabric. Seersucker is a popular choice due to its lightweight, all-cotton fabric, which makes it a most exemplary choice for the heat and humidity. The name seersucker derives from the Persian word “shīroshakar”, meaning “milk and sugar.” The seersucker fabric originated in the warmer British colonies, such as British India, and soon the material became widely popular in the southern regions of the United States. It became a staple fabric in the wardrobes of southern gentlemen, and became a popular choice for southern home decor. The association with seersucker and gentleman’s attire began in 1909 in New Orleans, when Joseph Haspel, Sr. designed seersucker suits for the purpose of professional wear in warm weather. The light wear, puckered fabric is still a fan favorite amongst the sharpest of southern gentlemen. A fun fact about seersucker is that in the late 90’s, United States Senator Trent Lott initiated National Seersucker Day, where congressmen traded in their traditional suits, and instead sported the fun, light fabric. While the original seersucker garments were most often blue and white, today the fabric offers a variety of colors. Our Pink/White Seersucker Cummerbund Set and our Khaki Seersucker Bow Tie both offer a clean, crisp look for the hotter days of the year.    

Pink/White Seersucker Cummerbund Set - CB3395, $95

Khaki Seersucker Bow Tie - B3393, $40

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3 Spring Wedding Rules for Modern Gentlemen

3 Spring Wedding Rules for Modern Gentlemen


Linen Cummerbund Wedding

1. Daytime weddings call for cotton or linen. Although many suits for men are 3-season wool, you should always take the opportunity to wear your cotton and linen suits for an outdoor spring wedding. Accessorize with the classic Linen Rishra cummerbund set.

Linen Risha Cummerbund Set – CB2840, $95


Madras Wedding Bow Tie

2. Experiment with color. With new colors popping out from the earth, it’s a fantastic time to break out new hues. Feel the freedom to wear something brighter than usual. Try out something dynamic, yet classic, like the Madras Quad bow tie.

Wedding Pocket Square

3. Pull out your pocket squares (and bring two). Pocket squares are the epitome of chivalry. Once meant to hand off to your date, this rule can still apply today. Bring backup, one for style and one for sharing.

Whipstitch Border Pocket Square, $55

Be in style for every spring wedding. View our entire spring bow tie collection here.

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3 Things a Gentleman Can't Forget on Valentine's Day

3 Things a Gentleman Can't Forget on Valentine's Day

On the eve of February 14th, we come to remind you Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to wow your sweetheart. While there are many ways to impress your Valentine, these three things must be on your checklist. 

  1. A card. Take this opportunity to put your feelings in writing. Unlike dinner or flowers, a card will last as long as they wish. You don't have to be lengthy or Shakespeare to make an impact; you just have to be genuine. 
  2. Flowers. Never believe a woman who says she doesn't want flowers or anyone who says you have to spend a fortune on the "deluxe" 20-stem rose bouquet. Pick some flowers from a nearby garden or stop by a grocery store with unique stems (we recommend Trader Joe's). 
  3. Valentine's Day. We think you know where we're going with this. Mark it on your Google calendar, gentlemen. Valentine's Day can make or break you.

To look your best in a bow tie, view our Valentine's Day collection here

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