What Is the Proper Tie Length?

What Is the Proper Tie Length?

Here’s a plausible scenario: you’re the best man in a wedding and, as the groomsmen dress, there’s disagreement over proper tie length. Some say it’s subjective; a matter of personal preference. Others in the party say there’s only one right way when it comes to how long a tie should be. They turn to you, hoping you will answer on behalf of the groom: 

Is there a standard tie length? Where should a tie end?

You call on the R. Hanauer team for tie length advice. Good choice! We know all about what the perfect tie length should be!

How Long Should a Tie Be?

It’s all about your proportions. Your height, weight, and other measurements will determine your tie length - as in, how long your blade will be from your neck down. But, there’s general consensus of where your tie should end: 

Perfect Tie Length: Standing up straight, the tip of your tie blade should hit right at or on your belt buckle, but not below the waistband of your trousers.

Example of a man wearing a correct tie length


If your tip extends past your belt, it’s too long...

 Example of a man wearing a too long tie length


... and if it sits on your shirt above your belt, it’s too short.  


Example of a man wearing a too short tie length

 Of course, different pants will sit differently on your body - and pants worn with suspenders typically sit higher than those worn with a belt. This is one of the reasons you neither want to pre-tie your own tie, nor choose a pre-tied necktie instead of a hand-tied piece

How Long Should My Tie Be for My Height?

Neckties are generally available in two lengths: standard and extra-long. To measure tie length, stretch out an unknotted tie and take note of the length from tip to tail. 

  • Standard tie length is 57 inches.

Standard ties are generally suitable for gentlemen who are under six feet tall.

Barrel chested men, those with a wider neck or midsection, and those with an especially long torso may need a longer necktie. Others may need a shorter tie. Always have a standard tie altered to suit rather than wear a children’s tie.


  • An extra-long tie is 61 or 62 inches. 

Extra-long ties are usually favored by well-dressed men who are over six feet tall. If a standard tie is too short, but an extra-long tie is a bit too long, slightly shorten a tie without professional alteration by wearing a tie clip. If that doesn’t do the trick, have it altered professionally.

A quick way to gauge if your knotted tie is the right length for your body is to take note of the tail in relation to the keeper loop. If the tail tucks in without issue, you likely have the right size. If the tail is much longer than the keeper loop, the tie is too long. If it won’t reach the keeper loop, it’s too short. 

How Long Should Your Tie Be When Wearing a Suit?

This is a little bit of a trick question! The general rule regarding proper tie length applies regardless of what you’re wearing: the tip should sit at your belt buckle.  

How long should a tie be when wearing a suit

That said, it may depend on your suit jacket.

A well-fitted jacket will cover the tip of your knotted necktie without peeking below your jacket. It should cover 80% of your seat and zipper.

A jacket that shows most of your seat is too short, and chances are your tie will be visible at your waistband (and your sleeves may be too short as well).

A jacket that covers your entire seat is too long. While your tie tip will be hidden, your sleeves will likely be too long.

Is Tie Width Important?

The width of your tie is likely the standard 3.25”. Much wider and you’re likely in possession of a kipper - a wide tie style popular in the 60s. Much thinner and you may have one from the 50s, or perhaps a square tie.

The width of your necktie should be in accord with your personal preference, just be mindful about perhaps unintentionally making a throwback statement!

Regardless of the width of your necktie, you want to knot it to fall at the standard spot: at your belt. Some who wear square ties like to leave a small gap between tip and belt to draw attention to the square detail - but that’s an intentional choice.     

Where should a tie end?

At R. Hanauer, we stock neckties that are the standard 58” long and 3.25” wide. Every tie is handmade in North Carolina. (We monogram ties too!)


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