Here's Why You Need a Fancy Bow Tie

Here's Why You Need a Fancy Bow Tie

At R. Hanauer, we consider every day to be an occasion for a fancy bow tie. We appreciate, of course, that not everyone feels the same way.

Some gentlemen reserve their bow ties for special events. Others do not have any bow ties in their wardrobe at all - and even wonder, “Are bow ties in style in 2023?” (Chagrin!) We are delighted to inform them that bow ties indeed are still very much in fashion and are not likely to go out of style any time soon.

In this article, we’ll show you some suitably fancy and fashionable bow ties to have a little fun with, highlight a few luxury bow ties, explore the most popular bow tie color, and suggest some accessories that will spiff up every wardrobe! 

Permission To Mix Fun With Fancy

Just because some bow ties are “fancy” doesn’t mean they can’t be fun to wear. In fact, a well-chosen bow tie does a great deal to reveal clues about a gentleman’s personality.

Here are a number of pieces – from stylish bow ties to novelty bow ties – that add dress code-appropriate opportunities for self-expression:

Bow ties from our Liberty London collection are a great example of deliciously trendy bow ties, whipped from whimsical fabrics. Queue for the Zoo or Strawberries and Cream, anyone? 

Queue for the Zoo Liberty London Bow Tie



Strawberries and Cream Liberty London Bow Tie

Novelty bow ties are also a great choice for the gentleman who enjoys standing out in a crowd and loves a good conversation starter.

Heading to the Kentucky Derby in May? You must have this Violet Mint Julep Bow Tie.

Violet Mint Julep Bow Tie for Kentucky Derby

Thinking ahead for International Talk Like A Pirate Day in September? There’s a fun fancy bow tie for you too! 


Black/White Jolly Rogers Skull Bow Tie


What Is the Most Popular Bow Tie Color?

Even the man who rarely reaches for a fine accessory likely has the most popular bow tie color in his wardrobe: black. Perhaps it makes an appearance only for weddings and cultural events, but it’s a must-have nonetheless. 

Is a bow tie classy? Absolutely, and a black bow tie instantaneously kicks up the formality of an ensemble. Not all black bow ties are created equal, though. Some are more “fancy” than others; it depends on the fabric and print (if any). 

Take, for example, this stunning R. Hanauer Black Velvet Bow Tie – now this is a fancy bow tie! The fabric is supple and luxe, adding extra-level elegance and sophistication. As an all-black accessory, it’s a subtle statement piece. (The same can’t be said for its red equivalent.)

Fancy Black Velvet Bow Tie

Compare our velvet piece to a classic silk bow tie (in style forever!), like our Formal Black Satin Bow Tie, and you can see how fabric choice makes a significant difference in the personality of a particular accessory.

Man wearing a fancy black satin bow tie

 Dress To Impress

When an event calls for formality but neither a black bow tie nor a whimsical one will fit the bill – it’s time to consider some classic, luxury bow ties that will serve you well today and long into the future.  

One timeless option to consider is an accessory in the metallic family. Gold, champagne, and silver are all easy wins, and opting for a cummerbund set will give you maximal flexibility. 

Halstead Polka Dots Bow Tie

Another handsome choice is a traditional print. Polka dots, stripes, paisleys, pines, and tartan have been staples in menswear history. Popular too are collegiate and regimental prints.  

Other Fancy Accessories

We would be remiss not to mention the many other fine accessories gentlemen enjoy – most notably, the pocket square!

Blue Medallion Windowpane Pocket Square

A pocket square can add dimension to an ensemble that features a solid-colored or simple bow tie, and can insert that bit of personal flair you want without it being the star of the show. It’s all about the art of the complement

Pocket Square with Red and White Striped Bow Tie

You can further elevate your look by pulling in other accessories, many of which you likely already have close at hand. The shoes and belt you select are important. Black leather shoes want a black leather belt; brown shoes want brown. Your socks are likely to make an appearance at some point during an event, too, so be mindful of which you choose. Intentional watch and eyeglass selection can add a spot of polish as well, and suspenders are a fun accessory if they suit your fancy.

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