Get Shimmering with this Silver Accessories Style Guide

Get Shimmering with this Silver Accessories Style Guide

While the color gray is characterized as diplomatic and mysterious, it’s close-cousin silver represents clarity, celebration and subtle strength. Both are tremendously versatile, but it’s silver that adds that special je ne sais quoi to prom and other party looks, the summer wedding season and, of course, the holidays. 

At R. Hanauer we have numerous, stunning silver accessories, including silver bow ties and silver ties. Here are some of our most popular pieces, as well as some essential fashion tips:


Styling with Silver Bow Ties & Ties

Silver is sharp and timeless. The black suit silver tie (and black suit silver bow tie) combination will never go out of style, and modern variations on the theme - such as a black shirt silver tie ensemble - are delightful choices for less formal events.   


black suit silver tie


A silver bow tie and suspenders is a dashing choice - one made more intriguing with a monochrome approach.  

Essential to the gentleman’s silver collection are a “solid” silver necktie and silver bow tie, such as our Silver Runnymede Pin Dots and Silver Ottoman pieces.  

Solid Silver Bow Tie


Silver Tie with Stripes


And one mustn’t forget the powerful little paisley! The movement and visual interest offered by the paisley make it a favorite among well-dressed gentlemen. We offer a sophisticated Silver Paisley Bow Tie (as well as a gorgeous Champagne Paisley Bow Tie we’d be remiss not to mention).  Silver paisley bow tie

All fine accessories must be treated with care - but pieces like these silver silk ties leave no room for stains to hide. Be sure to keep our guide on How to Remove a Stain from a Silk Tie close at hand in case of a mid-bite mishap!


Exude Elegance with Black & Silver Bow Ties and Cummerbund Sets

Silver is at home with virtually any color. Certain combinations, though, have become classics for every age, including black and silver, and navy and silver (really, any blue and silver!).  

New Year’s Eve? Opening Night? Evening Wedding? Check, check, check! A black and silver bow tie is a fantastic, year round, closet staple. A far and away favorite is our Black and Silver Vero Dots Cummerbund Set, and the inverse pattern, our Silver and Black Vero Dots Cummerbund Set

 Black and Silver Cummerbund Set, Dotted

 Silver and Black Cummerbund Set, Dots

A silver cummerbund and bow tie set is an excellent investment as it provides an evergreen bow tie that can be worn alone throughout the year as well as a matching cummerbund for extra special events.    


Charm with a Blue and Silver Bow Tie

Is there anything more charming than layered classics? Pairing a tried-and-true color combination with something as sophisticated as a stripe or as whimsical as a polka dot creates a clean and crisp look that’s pleasing to the eye.  

These navy and silver bow ties are handsome examples from the R. Hanauer collection. Our Navy and Silver Bar Stripes come in a bow tie and necktie, and our Navy and Silver Buckingham Stripes are offered as a bow and necktie, as well as a cummerbund set. The Navy and Silver Vero Dots Bow Tie with its interplay of patterns brings a bit of extra energy into the look. 


Navy Silver Bow Tie with Stripes



A Silver Pocket Square For Simplicity

Of course, a silver bow tie and pocket square are a match made in heaven. When working with patterns, a “plain” piece like this Solid Silver Silk Pocket Square adds simplicity and elegance.

Silver pocket square, silk, solid

Depending on how you layer your silver accessories, you may want to also consider our black and navy pocket squares. For tips on putting accessories together, consider our guide on How to Pair a Bow Tie and Pocket Square.


Substitute with Gray Bow Ties, Neckties & Cummerbund Sets

In the event you don’t have silver and wish you did, consider sneaking in a subtle gray in its place.

As aforementioned, gray is less celebratory by nature, so this trick is best for daytime events. Standout examples from the R. Hanauer collection include our Gray Buckingham Stripes, and our Gray Whipstitch Border Pocket Square.


Gray Silver Cummerbund Set with White Stripes


 White gray whipstitch pocket square



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