Summer Bow Ties

Summertime brings the opportunity to showcase an entirely new sense of style. Since there are many creative choices to consider, we have hand-picked some of our best bow ties for our summer collection. Warm weather coincides with these warm-colored ties, bright pastels and classic shades of summer blue. Patriotic gentlemen will be pleased to find stars and stripes bow ties for the fourth of July and summer months beyond. Shop our summer bow ties below:

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The R. Hanauer Process

Here at R. Hanauer, our ties are all made by a talented and hard-working team in our shop. Our bow ties are made by hand and to order. The specific types of silk, cotton, linen, and wool fabrics for our products are always carefully selected by our father and son team Randy and Randall Hanauer. Through many of our collections, English wool and Italian silk from renowned international mills can be found. When the order process has begun, our ties are cut by hand on the table. As opposed to the straight of grain, fabric for our bow ties is cut on a bias to produce the best-tying bow tie on the market. Cutting on the bias means that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric that allows for the ease of tying. A bias-cut lining is in each of our bow ties to ensure that the structure and shape will always stay superior.

Best Summer Colors

Several colors stand out particularly well in the summer months. With warm weather in mind, brighter colors complement the cooler fabrics and lighter colors that are found in many summer ensembles. Summer colors are typically soft and more refined. Blue-based cool colors accent grays and roses well. Warmer reds and oranges work nicely with neutral shades including tan linens and khaki seersuckers.

A new trend for the summer season is white suits. With a suit such as this, gentlemen are allowed all the creative freedom to showcase your personality through a bow tie alone. A classic blue suit for men during the summertime has never gone out of style and with one of our unique ties, you can stand out more than ever.

Summers are best in soft neutral colors and pastels. Pastels for men are now in style and in season, making a comeback from when they lost their momentum many years ago. Though the colors featured have a softer approach, they still offer a crisp and classy feel without losing its masculine image. Our pastel palette ranges from a light pink tie with stripes to a deeper navy tie. A bright color, such as a pink or green bow tie, works best to be paired with a white or sky-blue shirt and a gray or blue seersucker suit. The deeper colored bow ties such as the navy or purple are easily paired with a soft pink or white shirt.

Dress Code for Summer Events

When the summer season rolls around, a lot of people typically imagine warm weather, vacations, and many different social events and activities. While gentlemen certainly won’t envision themselves walking down the beach wearing a bow tie with their swimming trunks, there are still plenty of other events throughout the summer in which a bow tie would be appropriate. A few things on the summer agenda perfectly suited for a bow tie are formal events like weddings, galas, and balls or could even be as casual as a summer concert, downtown festival or backyard holiday barbeque. Wearing a bow tie becomes a wonderful part of a gentleman’s signature style and personality, and expressing yourself is very important to us at R. Hanauer.

Having a backyard barbeque gathering for Independence Day is always an event to look forward to. Even in the most casual party setting, a bow tie is still suitable. Bow ties are often considered conversation starters when it comes to a man’s appearance, especially at events where conversing with others is essential. Finding the right summer bow tie can help make a great first impression. A cooler blue or red tie would be a relevant choice, or one can even select one of our patriotic-themed ties. Red, white, and blue are classic colors for the summer celebration season in America. Our featured stars-and-stripes bow ties were made with these types of events in mind.

When it comes to a summer wedding, the choice between a formal tie versus a casual tie all depends on the situation. In most cases, if one is a guest at a wedding, they have more versatile options regarding the color and pattern of the tie. A gentleman shouldn’t shy away from showcasing their character through color just because it can be considered a formal event.  Summer provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your most bold and beautiful handmade bow ties.