Silver Bow Ties

A silver bow tie contributes an element of elegance and class to a gentleman’s look. The sleek color exudes tastefulness, while adding a decorative flare to an ensemble. At R. Hanauer, we pride ourselves on making bow ties that accentuate a cultivated and classic sense of style. In this collection of bow ties, we proudly feature an array of silvers, in different shades and patterns, such as paisley, stripes, polka dots, and more. A silver bow tie will enhance your look and make a lasting impression, while looking rather sharp and refined. Shop R. Hanauer’s collection of handmade, silver bow ties below:

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The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, our bow ties are made locally in our workshop located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. They are handmade, as well as made to order, from our hardworking and dedicated team. Our father and son duo, otherwise known as Randy and Randall Hanauer, are always involved in the creation process, as they carefully select the types of fabrics and materials that are used for our products. We specialize in featuring both Italian and English silk from esteemed, international mills in our various collections of ties and accessories. Once the order process has officially begun, our bow ties are then cut by hand on the table to begin the creation of the product. Oftentimes, bow ties are cut on the straight of grain; however, we choose to cut on a bias in order to create the best-tying bow tie on the market. This process will make certain that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric, while also ensuring the ease of tying. Due to the intricate steps that are taken in the creation process, we can guarantee that the structure and shape of each bow tie will ultimately stay in its best condition. We are proud to create handmade, silver bow ties, neckties, cummerbund sets and pocket squares in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The History Behind the Color Silver

The color silver is known for representing components of modern decadence, simply because the metal, known as silver, is often associated with that of richness and luxury. The initial use of the word silver, as a representation and characterization of a specific color, was recorded in the English language in the year 1481, and for most, the color’s appeal often stems from its eye-catching shine and glittering features. From silver screens to silver jewlery, the color often personifies a sense of glamour, value, and substance to many individuals.

While most societal depictions of the color silver involve the association of affluence and appeal, there are also deeper, psychological meanings behind the color itself. In fact, it is said that silver has a gentle nature, and that it gives off a calming and relaxing type of energy when people encounter the color. It  is also known for its cooler features and reflective abilities, and because of those very characteristics it is often associated with distinguished and modernized technology, fashion, and art.

Colors often dictate and impact our decisions when it comes to how we dress. Confidence and personality often play an important role in one’s own style; therefore, the colors that we are most drawn to are also the ones that we feel the most self-assured in when sporting them in our very own wardrobes. Silver is certainly a popular choice when it comes to selecting an ensemble that is both sophisticated and debonair. A gentleman that prefers the color silver is well mannered, perceptive, and polished, and appreciates solidity and determination in both the workplace and in life. The illuminating color is said to symbolize both masculinity and strength, as well as represent the creative and inspirational qualities of an individual. At R. Hanauer, it is our main intention that every gentleman feels confident and stylish, and most importantly, true to himself, when sporting one of our silver bow ties.

When to Sport a Silver Bow Tie

When it comes to styling a silver bow tie with an ensemble it is important to remember the given characteristics of the color. Typically, silver is associated with more formal wear, and a silver bow tie would most appropriately be worn with a tuxedo for a dressier occasion. A social event such as a New Year’s Eve party, or even a charity gala, would allow for the perfect opportunity to incorporate silver accessories into one’s attire.

The shimmering quality of the color silver calls attention to the gentleman and also adds some panache to a formal ensemble that is already quite traditional. While some interpret the color silver as being somewhat one dimensional in comparison to other colors and shades, the incorporation of different patterns like stripes, polka dots, and various paisleys make each of our silver bow ties quite unique and stunning on their own. At R. Hanauer, we are proud to offer silver bow ties that display the utmost taste and sophistication.