Pocket Squares

R. Hanauer's story began when founder Randy noticed there were very few men's pocket squares designed for fashionable purposes alone. After all, a jacket's breast pocket was designed to display a pocket square. Soon, Randy had created his own pocket square business (from his dining room table) and today, they remain a staple of the R. Hanauer accessory collection. We believe, without a pocket square, an outfit is incomplete. Enjoy browsing our diverse and fine collection of handmade pocket squares.


Pocket square orders placed before 1:00 PM EST Monday-Friday are made and shipped the same day.  Plus, free shipping with orders of $150 or more!

Our Process

Each season our founder, Randy, and son, Randall Hanauer thoughtfully select the fine fabrics out of which our pocket squares are created. Many pocket squares are created from crisp linen to accessorize a bold necktie or bow tie. Most of our silk pocket squares have hand-rolled edges showing their delicate handmade charm. 

When to Wear a Pocket Square

If an event is more casual but a gentleman likes to show his individual style, he may wear a coat, dress shirt and accessorize with a bold pocket square in lieu of a necktie or bow tie. If an event is formal and a gentleman appreciates a traditional, festive look, he should wear a suit, bow tie or necktie and a fine pocket square. To replace neckwear for a formal event, silk pocket squares are always a fine way to dress-up a suit. 

How to Wear a Pocket Square

Pocket squares can be worn to many different functions but one rule we like to follow is to never match a pocket square with a bow tie too closely. Of course we like each accessory to complement one another but we like to avoid wearing the exact same pattern or fabric. If you are looking for the most casual way to wear a pocket square, we recommend a puff fold or a pointed fold. If you are looking for a more formal appearance, we recommend the classic square fold pocket square.

The History of the Pocket Square

Pocket squares have always been a sign of wealth since their origin around 500 B.C. Wealthy Greeks used to carry perfumed handkerchiefs in their breast pocket for covering their noses as they walked the city streets. (Things were not a sanitary back then as they are today!) It is said, in the fourteenth century, King Richard II of England regularly carried a handkerchief for more utilitarian purposes. Like many things, a member of royalty being frequently spotted with an accessory caused said accessory to become popular amongst the people. The modern pocket square was also rooted in utilitarianism as gentlemen would place the handkerchief in their breast pocket before using and then place in their back pocket after. However, the attractiveness of a pocket square placed within the breast pocket soon caught on within the fashion world and men began to carry separate squares, one in the breast pocket and one in their pant pocket.

In the modern world, pocket squares rose to popularity around the 1920s when many men could be found sporting a pocket square with a suit, a vest and a fedora. In the 1940s and 1950s, many found using the pocket square to be unattractive, especially with the emergence of the disposable handkerchief, the Kleenex. Thus, the pocket square became widely used as a fashion accessory only. 

Pocket Square Styles 

At R. Hanauer, we like to give our customer the option of going delicate and classic with the traditional linen bordered pocket square or the whipstitch bordered cotton pocket square. We also carry 100% silk pocket squares in both a traditional silk and a soft, washed silk. When trying to imagine the texture of a washed silk, think of an extremely delicate and fine suede. Whether its a silk, linen, cotton or wool pocket square, we find the most unique fabrics for our customers to sport.