Gold Bow Ties

A gold bow tie is one way to make a shining statement when dressing for an event, whether it is for a formal affair or a casual gathering. A richly colored, golden bow draws attention to any gentleman that wears it, showcasing a rather confident and remarkable look. A gold bow tie is a most excellent addition to any outfit, and it will elevate your style and make a grand impression. Shop R. Hanauer’s variety of gold bow ties below:

The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, each and every one of our bow ties are handmade and made to order by our wonderfully skilled team in our shop in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our father and son pair, otherwise known as Randy and Randall Hanauer, are heavily involved in the creation process, making it their priority to hand pick the types of cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics that are used to create our products. We are honored to feature both imported Italian and English silk from prominent, international mills in our various collections of neckwear and gentlemen’s accessories. Our mission at R. Hanauer is to create accessories for men that are lively and unique, while still being timeless pieces that speak to the distinctive character and style of each gentleman that wears them. At R. Hanauer, we strive to make the best-tying, handmade bow tie on the market, and that is why we believe that the most beneficial way to cut our bow tie fabric is on the bias. This allows for the fabric to be cut out at a forty-five degree angle, resulting in a finished product that has a gentle stretch for the ease of tying. We also include a bias-cut lining within every bow tie to ensure that each and every product will maintain its original shape and structure, as well as remain in prime condition. At R. Hanauer, we are passionate about creating ties and accessories for gentlemen who appreciate classic, distinct style, and we are proud to create our handmade, gold bow ties, neckties, pocket squares and cummerbunds in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

History Behind the Color Gold

The color gold is most often associated with that of the precious metal. For very many years gold has been considered a highly valuable and beautiful treasure to many all around the world.

Many people believe that the value of gold as a form of embellishment stemmed from the ancient Egyptians, who were known for adorning themselves in golden accessories and decorating their artifacts with the glittering substance. In fact, it wasn’t until the fourteenth century that the first recorded use of the word “gold” in the English language was acknowledged in reference to the chemical element; however, at  the beginning of the Renaissance era, the word “gold” itself began to be more commonly used as a description of color. From currency to the color of one’s hair, the color gold was often used to describe things of beauty, value, and even desire.

Due to its value, royal garbs and regalia were often adorned in gold, making it the color of utmost sovereignty and magnificence. The eye-catching qualities of gold also made the color the ultimate embellishment for the arts. Many medieval texts, which were often religious works, were inscribed on a special parchment paper, known as vellum, and adorned with golden flecks in the lettering and in the artwork. This specific method was used in order to capture and illustrate the overall vision of the text, as well as to entice the reader with its reflective beauty.

While the color gold is still commonly associated with opulence and good fortune, it can also represent a much deeper, and less materialistic meaning. Those who favor the color gold, and are drawn to it, are said to be inviting and kind to others, confident, and charismatic. The color gold also symbolizes determination and success, and while it holds monetary value to many, it is often used to celebrate and recognize an individual’s personal achievements, which is why most awards, trophies, and medals are often named after the color gold.

A Golden Bow Tie Statement

A gold bow tie is quite a versatile accessory because it can be worn with both formal or casual attire. A gold bow can command attention with its elegance and shine, but also bring a delightful element of warmth and richness to an ensemble.

Many renowned universities and beloved sports teams proudly wear the color gold on their uniforms and on campus as a way to establish spirit and pride. For a more casual look, a gentleman could showcase his gold bow tie at a homecoming event for his alma mater, or perhaps at a tailgate for his favorite sports team. A gold bow tie would also be a dashing choice for a more formal event such as a cocktail party, a holiday ball, or even an evening wedding.  

A gentleman that sports a gold bow tie establishes that he has an endearing personality, as well as a strong sense of style. R. Hanauer offers a glittering collection of handmade, gold bow ties in various styles and designs.