Christmas Bow Ties

The holidays are said to be the most wonderful time of the year, full of exciting, winter festivities that bring good tidings and cheer. Holiday bow ties are always a spirited and decorative choice when looking for the perfect addition to any outfit for the yuletide season. At R. Hanauer, our various styles of Christmas bow ties offer a jovial and unique way to display one’s holiday spirit, while still maintaining a sharp, classic look. Shop R. Hanauer’s collection of Christmas bow ties, and make a striking statement this winter season.

The R. Hanauer Process

Each and every R. Hanauer tie is made by a talented and skilled team member in our shop. Our bow ties are made by hand, as well as made to order. Randy and Randall Hanauer, our father-and-son team, carefully select specific types of silk, cotton, linen, and wool fabrics for each of our products. We feature English and Italian silk from distinguished international mills in our various collections. Once the order process has begun, our bow ties are cut by hand to begin the creation of the product. As opposed to the straight of grain, our bow tie fabric is cut on a bias to produce the best-tying bow tie on the market. Cutting on the bias allows for the pattern to be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric for the ease of tying. A bias-cut lining is in every one of our bow ties in order to ensure that the structure and shape will always remain in its very best condition. At R. Hanauer, we are dedicated and proud to be making American made bow ties in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

The Statement of a Holiday Bow Tie

Why sport red and green accessories during the holidays? It seems as if these two dashing colors have always been associated with the Christmas season. From the vibrant reds and greens in Christmas poinsettias to the wintry colors of the holly bushes, red and green are the most appropriate and traditional color choices for any holiday themed event.

With the holiday season comes a multitude of joyous celebrations for a gentleman to attend. A Christmas bow tie is the perfect accessory for a gentleman who is confident, appreciates a classic style, and is seeking a lively look to wear to a holiday party, whether the event is held at the office, or amongst one’s friends and family. Holiday bow ties are also a most excellent choice when deciding what to wear for the obligatory Christmas card, or possibly a holiday outing, such as Christmas caroling or ice skating, because they are extremely festive and lighthearted, making for a picture perfect memory to be captured and shared with loved ones. A gentleman who is clad in a Christmas bow tie is ready to celebrate the merriest of the holiday seasons in a timeless style that exudes festiveness and fun.

Festivity through Fashion

Looking your best is quite important to us at R. Hanauer, because we believe that self expression is a key component to one’s style. While red and green are staple holiday colors, our

Christmas bow ties are quite accommodating to different types of styles. From red and green polka dots, to bold stripes, and festive plaids, our Christmas bow ties can be the ultimate finishing touch to a holiday outfit that is embellished and bold, or these beautiful bow ties can be dressed down during the days leading up to Christmas for a merry look to wear while holiday shopping, spending time with friends and family, or even in the workplace.

Christmas bow ties are an enjoyable addition to an outfit for a handsome holiday look, while still staying true to a high quality and perennial sense of style. When dressing for a holiday event, one can pair a Christmas bow tie with complementary whites, navy, and dark greens, and can incorporate some staple pieces, such as a pocket square and dinner coat. For a look that is more casual, one can wear a sport coat and solid button up shirt with their festive accessories; however, it is important to stray from wearing multiple patterns, because that can make an outfit appear too busy, as well as take away from the eye-catching Christmas bow tie itself. The rich reds and greens of the Christmas season are quite classic, and make for wondrous, holiday attire. At R. Hanauer, we pride ourselves on making handmade, holiday bow ties that are perfect for any type of Christmas festivity.