Boys Bow Ties

R. Hanauer has been in the business of creating sophisticated and unique accessories for men for over thirty years. Not only do we create handmade bow ties for the distinguished gentleman, but we also make and supply all of our handmade bow ties for children in toddler and youth sizes. We believe that the qualities of a true gentleman are established at an early age; therefore, the little gentleman in your life should be able to dress the part as well. R. Hanauer’s youth bow ties come in a variety of colors and designs to showcase every little boys’ individual personality and style. Shop our collection of Youth Bow Ties today and find the perfect fit for your child, grandson, nephew, or brother.

The R. Hanauer Story

R. Hanauer is locally based in Fort Mill, South Carolina, where our bow ties, neckties, cummerbunds, and pocket squares are handmade and made to order in our workshop by our fantastic and hardworking team. One thing that sets us apart from others is that our father and son team, otherwise known as Randy and Randall Hanauer, are always involved in the creation process of our products. The Hanauer gentlemen carefully select the types of fabrics and materials, such as silk, cotton, linen, and wool, that are used to create our accessories. Our fabrics originate from esteemed, international mills, and we specifically specialize in English and Italian silk. Randy Hanauer founded R. Hanauer in order to bring dynamic and distinct accessories to the style of the American gentleman. At R. Hanauer, we pride ourselves on creating products that are versatile and expressive. Every gentleman has his own personal style and preferences, and we believe that it is crucial to create accessories that allow for an individual’s taste and personality to ultimately shine through.

The Details of the Design

Once your order has been placed with us, the R. Hanauer creation process has officially begun. Your bow tie fabric is taken to the cutting table, where it is first cut by hand to begin the formation of the product. Oftentimes, bow ties are cut on the straight of grain; however, at R. Hanauer we choose to cut on a bias in order to achieve a quality stretch and to create a finished product that is easy to tie, and looks sophisticated and polished as well. This process will make certain that the pattern will be cut out at a 45-degree angle to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric, resulting in the best-tying bow tie on the market. Our dedicated team follows these intricate steps during the creation process so that we can guarantee that the structure and shape of each and every bow tie will stay in its prime condition. Finally, your R. Hanauer bow tie is delicately placed in our signature box and shipped directly to you for your enjoyment for years to come. We are proud to create handmade bow ties for boys so that they can look and feel their very best while showcasing their very own sharp style.

The History of the Bow Tie

While many of us love and own many bow ties today, and take pride in wearing them, the first appearance of the classic menswear accessory was actually recorded around the seventeenth century, and its origination specifically dates back to the Thirty Years’ War. In fact, during the war, Croatian mercenaries sported a conventional fabric around their necks in order to fasten together their shirts; this was then viewed as a fashionable statement, and the style was eventually emulated by the French elite. Due to the growing popularity of the style, the King of France concluded that this accessory must be made a mandatory piece in a gentleman’s formal attire. In order to honor and ultimately represent the true origination of the style, the French king issued the name “La Cravat” after the Croatian men who influenced such a fine, elegant look.

When Should Boys Wear Bow Ties?

While a bow tie is an excellent choice for a little gentleman in attendance of a formal event such as a wedding, it can also be the perfect accessory for school picture day, or to incorporate some festiviness into an outfit for the holidays, whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. A dashing outfit for a fancy dinner date with the family would include khaki pants, a white or solid colored button down, and a bow tie of his choice. Let him further showcase his personality and style with a sweater vest or suspenders, and he will have a look that is adorable, but also quite handsome.  At R. Hanauer, we are honored to create pieces for our clientele that are quite diverse and timeless, and we are proud to offer toddler and youth sizes for those who wish to dress in classic pieces that accentuate the confident and stylish nature of every gentleman, no matter their age.