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Black Bow Ties

Think of black tie, or more specifically black bow ties, and you might instantly conjure up images of an elegantly tailored tuxedo. Black bow ties are a statement in themselves speaking to the stature and style of the wearer. Browse R. Hanauer’s selection of handmade black bow ties below:

A History of Style

Bow ties were originally popularized by the French in the 18th and 19th centuries as a style statement among the upper classes. Though once the domain of high society, bow ties today have taken on a versatility for any occasion that extends beyond the ballrooms and operas of Europe. Many men even enjoy wearing a bow tie on a daily basis, as a compliment to a blazer, dress shirt or even a sweater. Yet the black bow tie still holds its panache as the go-to choice for formal wear.

A Commitment to Quality

We R. Hanauer has been passionate about men's accessories and bow ties in particular for more than 30 years. The business began when its owner Randy Hanauer decided that men needed a more stylish alternative to the boring white pocket squares and handkerchiefs of the time. Hanauer focused his knowledge of fabric, design, and color and experience in the manufacturing industry to create this distinctly American brand.

Today R. Hanauer remains an American made company rooted in local craftsmanship and pride. Each bow tie, necktie, pocket square, cummerbund or other accessory is made in the company's workshop in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The brand incorporates luxurious imported fabrics and contemporary designs into its product. Randy still selects the fabric for each bow tie collection before each piece is hand-cut and hand-sew in the Fort Mill workshop. As such, quality products and honest working relationships are a cornerstone of R. Hanauer's ethos.

A Versatile Style

Each of R. Hanauer's bow ties are cut on the bias to give them extra stretch so that they hold their shape in a classic knot. To meet the needs of a seasoned bow tie wearer, the brand offers six different styles ranging from the traditional Philip or Henry styles to the more adventurous Diamond End selection like the Stanley and Louie styles.

A Bold Statement

A black bow tie should always be worn to grand events such as balls, cocktail parties, the opera, fundraisers or upscale dinners, but be sure to always pay attention to invitations. Anytime “Black Tie” appears on an invitation, tuxedoes are expected to be worn. The gentlemen’s standard when it comes to black tie consists of a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, a cummerbund, a dinner jacket and black dress shoes. To make your tuxedo stand out, browse our selection of black bow ties.

R. Hanauer offers a vibrant collection of classic and contemporary black bow ties in a range of styles to stand out at any formal event. From gingham, to windowpane print, plaid, paisley, and polka dot you'll find something to express your style at any black tie event.

A Customizable Option

As all R. Hanauer bow ties are handmaid they are also fully customizable. If you are looking for a particular color or design just let us know. We can send over a free swatch to see if it suits you. If you need a particular size we can also work on creating it especially for you.

Contact R. Hanauer at 800-514-9707 or support@bowties.com if you have something in mind or just want to browse our selection.