What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Spring weddings provide you with the perfect occasion to showcase your sharp, manly fashion style - whether you're dressing for a blissful outdoor ceremony, afternoon nuptials, or a formal evening event. 

Though Spring wedding attire thrives off of bright, beautiful colors and playful patterns, an important part of dressing for the occasion is to keep in mind the exact type of wedding you're invited to. Below are several dashing outfit ideas to help you decide what to wear to a Spring wedding.


What To Wear to an Outdoor Wedding in Spring

When selecting an ensemble for an outdoor wedding during the spring season, comfort is key. A warm, yet breathable material can provide just that. Therefore linen and seersucker suits are both exceptional choices - for their sophistication as well as lightweight attributes.  

Pairing a seersucker suit with an eye-catching bow - such as our Coral Rishra Linen Bow Tie -  is always a superb choice for celebrating a springtime union.


linen bow ties are ideal for spring weddings

Light gray and neutral linen suits are another terrific alternative for a spring ensemble. Our Blue Hawkins Stripes Bow Tie - paired with a light gray suit - helps you stand out amongst blooming flowers, making it a great choice for an outdoor ceremony.


outdoor wedding style - grey linen suit with bow tie


What to Wear to an Afternoon Wedding 

Afternoon weddings are often less formal than evening weddings, allowing for a gentleman to have some leeway when dressing. Suits are acceptable for an afternoon wedding, and if you choose to wear one, you are presented with the choice of either sporting a necktie or bow tie.

Paisley is a fresh, energetic choice and our Yellow Harris Paisley Necktie makes a stunning addition to your wedding look.

Bow tie choices should be colorful and lively - as long as it is paired with a subdued suit. Our Pink Norris Links Bow Tie is an eye-catching all-silk beauty that provides style as well as a fun conversation piece. 

bow tie for spring wedding


What to Wear to a Formal Evening Wedding

A formal evening wedding in Spring calls for your most elegant attire. A classic white dinner jacket, paired with a Black Faille Cummerbund Set, provides a distinguished ensemble.

The quintessential choice for a formal wedding is, of course, is the tuxedo - however, you can freshen the standard look with a Light Blue Herringbone Bow Tie or a Red Palisade Links Bow Tie.

bow tie for spring wedding


In summary - when dressing for a Spring wedding, keep these three things in mind:

  • Make sure your attire is breathable so you are comfortable during the celebration.
  • Check to see if the time of your wedding calls for a suit or a formal tuxedo -  and then accessorize accordingly.
  • Base the boldness of your accessories on the formality of the evening. A less formal event allows for a wider variety of colors, while a significantly formal evening calls for a more traditional take on your accessories.

what to wear to an afternoon wedding


Whether you’re attending an outdoor service, an afternoon ceremony, or evening nuptials - your spring wedding ensemble should be a sharp selection that features color and pattern, but also follows the dress code that the bride and groom have laid out.

Let us help you create a signature spring wedding look with our bow ties, neckties and cummerbund sets.