What is the Current Style for Men's Ties?

What is the Current Style for Men's Ties?

If you think your favorite ties could be a style-trend of the past - we’re here to tell you that might not be the case. So what is the current style for men’s ties? From the proper width to current fashion favorites, an extraordinary necktie will take your look a long way. 

Latest Tie Styles - Back to Basics

In a world where bow ties seem to rule men’s fashion, we find the latest tie styles still have the power to significantly accessorize an ensemble. While some trends can be great, many inevitably come and go rather quickly.

This makes it hard for a gentleman to keep up with what is “current”. We find it is easier to focus on stylish but enduring pieces that will elevate your look rather than focus on trend after trend. 

A current tie style can be a simple striped necktie

With that being said, there’s a difference between a gentleman who follows every single style trend - and one who seeks an appropriate, updated look. Knowing the current style for men’s ties is important information for any gentleman who not only appreciates a classic necktie, but also cares about how he looks. 

How to Measure Tie Width

We can all remember at least one infamous tie trend we tried. Even though super skinny or extremely thick ties might be a trend of the past (for now), understanding the correct width of your tie for your body type is a style-must.

The standard tie width is around 3 ¼ inches. However, an acceptable width range depends on the gentleman who is wearing it.


Latest Tie Styles

A gentleman with a more narrow frame can get away with wearing a slimmer tie, while a man with a bigger build is better off wearing one with a wider fit. Keep yourself in mind when picking the perfect tie, and refrain from going from one extreme to the next when selecting the ideal width for your necktie.  

Tie Trends To Try

If you want to update your style, the best place to start is with accessories - like a tie. A timeless necktie should always have a place in your wardrobe, but below are a few of our favorite tie trends for you to try.

Printed ties are a style-do as long as they are not over the top. Sophisticated flair  can express itself in more than just a solid colored necktie. Try incorporating ties into your wardrobe that feature an eye-catching geometric pattern, or an energetic polka dot print. 

A tie with a geometric pattern is the latest tie style

 We find that floral neckties are another great way to take a classic look and integrate some modern flair. Ties are the central focal point of your ensemble...so why not be bold with a fresh, fun floral tie?

A big misconception about ties is that they are old-fashioned and out of style. While that may be true for certain types of neckties, the tie itself is still a very sought-after menswear accessory.


Ready to refresh your wardrobe with a new tie style? Peruse our fine, hand made necktie collections and find that perfect one for you!

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