Velvet Bow Ties - the Perfect Holiday Accessory

Velvet Bow Ties - the Perfect Holiday Accessory

Velvet provides the well-dressed gentleman with the ultimate collection of showstopper accessories. Soft, elegant, and incredibly luxe, it’s perfect for most any black-tie affair and is a sophisticated must-have for the holidays. 

At R. Hanauer, we have a stunning collection of supple cotton velvet pieces, including velvet bow ties, striking cummerbund sets, and a few surprise accessories that make for wonderful gifts. 

Take in a bit of velvet lore, then explore our Velvet Collection

A Brief History of Velvet 

The origins of velvet can be traced back 4,500 years ago to shuttle looms in China. Weavers in the Middle East increased the production and popularity of velvet around 2,000 BCE, including exporting it to Italy. From here, demand for the fine fabric spread across Europe.  

1903 Velvet Dress


Its luxurious look and feel, as well as its complicated and costly production process, has long made velvet a symbol of status. Historically, velvet was worn only by royalty, the aristocracy and clergy, and adorned only the places in which they would preside. It symbolized power, wealth, and success.

The invention of the mechanized loom in 1785 enabled the production of velvet more seamless and affordable, and therefore more widely accessible. Velvet remains a fabric of high regard and a token of class and opulence. 

Black Velvet Bow Ties

R. Hanauer is pleased to offer a both a black velvet bow tie, and black velvet bow tie and cummerbund set. Full of charm and subtle movement, black velvet is a statement that turns heads and inspires compliments. Black Velvet Bow Tie

Red Velvet Bow Ties

Bursting with glad tidings and heaping helpings of character and complexity, our red velvet bow tie and cummerbund set are picture-perfect for the holidays (and Valentine’s Day).

Red Velvet Bow Ties for the holidays


Share the love by gifting a gorgeous hair bow or dashing eyeglass case!

Velvet hair bow in red


Whether you’ll be home for the holidays or celebrating by video call - show us your dapper look (and tag us on social with #RHanauer).

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