Step into Spring with a Unique Bow Tie

Step into Spring with a Unique Bow Tie

It’s officially Spring! Time to shift your wardrobe from the heavier fabrics and rich tones of winter to the lightweight textiles and vibrant hues of spring. And since there is nothing more delightful than freshening your wardrobe with a spot of color - how about a lovely and unique bow tie

So bring on the linen blazers, short sleeved shirts, and penny loafers - and dive into
R.Hanauer’s Spring 2020 Bow Tie Collection. It is bursting at the seams with creative, unique bow tie choices and charming accessories - in every glorious color of the rainbow.

Here’s a sampling that without doubt will inspire you to boldly step into the new season: 

Find Your Kick with Fun Multicolored Bow Ties & Accessories 

Incorporating multicolored bow ties and accessories into your wardrobe is a fantastic way to add dimension and interest without committing to a specific color story. From lively stripes and springy florals, to fresh paisleys and abstract imagery, there are numerous ways - both familiar and funky - to brighten things up.

Our all-silk Davidson Stripes Quad Bow Tie is an excellent staple for the well-dressed gentleman’s spring - and summer - collection of accessories.

It’s perfect for the work day and evening engagements, and is a handsome choice for outdoor events. This stunning print is also available in red, green, purple and pink bow ties and neckties

Davidson Stripes Quad Unique Bow Tie

A vibrant pocket square - like our reversible Pink/Navy Paisley/Flower Pocket Square - is a must for a dapper spring look. And with several unique colors to coordinate with, it’s incredibly versatile. This all-silk print also comes in navy/red, yellow/blue and light blue/purple.

Pink and Navy Paisley/Flower Pocket Square

Fresh and full of energy, our Pink Emma & Georgina Liberty Necktie is the epitome of spring.

A whimsical print like this is fabulous alongside another pattern, and is charming with a complementary color. For tips on pairing fine accessories, take a look at our
how-to guide. This print is also available as a bow tie, and our blue version comes in bow tie, necktie and eyeglass case.

Pink Emma & Georgina Liberty Necktie


Start the Party with a Creative Pink Bow Tie

Some gentlemen add pops of color with confidence and finesse, and others aren’t so sure how to incorporate it with sophistication. Pink is one of those colors that may intimidate - but we’re here to tell you that shying away means missing out! 

A combination color, pink’s red factor packs an energy-rich and action-oriented punch. Its white side softens it, suggesting insight, openness and approachability. Add creativity, strength and balance by pairing pink with dark blues, gray, deep greens.   

Full of movement and spring-time charm, our Pink Lauder Liberty Bow Tie is a guaranteed conversation starter. If the vibrancy of this pink is too forward for your taste, consider our Lauder bow ties in blue and yellow. This all-cotton print is available in pocket squares and eyeglass cases too.

Delightful and sophisticated, our all-silk Pink Balboa Plaid Bow Tie is a season must-have. The contrast of the pale pink against the striking royal blue is eye-catching yet subtle. Other creative versions of this bow ties also come in blue and yellow, and neckties are offered in pink, blue, yellow

Our reversible and wonderfully versatile Lavender Floral Pocket Square is an easy spring win. Maximizing a multi-faceted piece like this is all about the fold. If that sounds daunting, be sure to spend time with our tutorial on folding pocket squares. This silk and cotton accessory is available in gold and blue.

Lavender Floral Pocket Square

Treat Yourself to a Specialty Bow Tie in Hues of Green and Blue 

Green and blue are prominently featured across menswear during all seasons, and the spring palette makes for some handsome gems.

Side by side on the color wheel, blue is considered cooler than green. They complement each other beautifully when worn together though, and make an elegant impact against closet staples like a white shirt, navy blazer, and brown shoes.

As is evident from our all-silk Blue Blueleaf Floral Bow Tie, tone on tone is an elegant and sophisticated choice. The floral details add whimsy, and the soft as well as more saturated colors create drama and visual interest. This pattern is also available in yellow, red, blue and as a necktie in yellow.

Blue Blueleaf Floral Bow Tie

The graphic elements of our Green Bartlett Paisley Bow Tie offer a novel twist on a classic color combination - and wonderful pairing opportunities for other fine accessories. Polished and playful, this all-silk piece is also available in red and blue

Green Bartlett Paisley Bow Tie

If there’s truth to the notion that color affects your mood, the wearer of our Green Ridgewood Flowers Bow Tie is destined to have a positive outlook and a broad smile. The texture of the woven silk adds eye-catching detail that shines across the Ridgewood series - including a stunning cummerbund set.

Green Ridgewood Flowers Bow Tie

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