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Tie or Bow Tie for Prom?

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Tie or Bow Tie for Prom?

One of the most iconic events of the school year is right around the corner; a night to make memories that will last a lifetime with your closest high school friends. 

Prom night is the perfect excuse to dress your very best as you dance the night away. Whether you’re going for a classic prom look, or you want to incorporate the theme for the evening into your attire, the same question always arises: tie or bow tie for prom?

Below are some helpful tips and suggestions to help you look sharp and feel confident as you prepare for an evening of excitement and fun.


Is a Bow Tie Suitable Prom Attire?

A bow tie is a great choice for prom, and it is definitely an appropriate accessory for such a formal occasion. Bow ties have the power to enhance a gentleman’s ensemble, and overall, a bow tie reflects a sharp style that can tie an entire look together.

Most proms abide by a strict dress code - simply because it is a special night to dress up and celebrate amongst friends, but that doesn’t mean that a gentleman cannot reflect his own personal style. Instead, the dress code is in place in order to express the formality of the event. In fact, a prom bow tie is actually the perfect accessory for showcasing your own unique taste.

While many believe that a customary black bow tie is the only acceptable fit for a traditional tuxedo, that is simply not the case. For example, our Black/Blue Legacy Paisley Bow Tie is an all silk bow that features an elegant paisley design and bold blues, but it is still formal enough to be worn with a tuxedo. Color and pattern are an excellent way to incorporate creative flare while still being appropriately dressed for the occasion.  


Is a bow tie more formal than a tie?

The great “bow tie or tie for prom” debate can be settled in one way, simply depending on how formal your prom is. A bow tie for prom takes a gentleman’s look to a higher level of sophistication, while wearing a tie for prom makes your tuxedo appear to look more like a regular suit. When dressing for a formal event, like prom, it is important for a gentleman to never arrive underdressed, so always pay close attention to the details of the event that you are planning to attend.


What are the best colors and patterns for a prom bow tie?

Prom fashion is all about dressing your very best and showing off your signature sense of style. When selecting a prom bow tie feel free to experiment with different colors and various patterns. At R. Hanauer, we believe it is important for a gentleman to express himself through his clothing choices; therefore, we offer an array of different colors and styles of bow ties so that a gentleman can find his perfect match. For prom, many young men like to match their formal accessories to the color of their date’s dress, and our vast collection of different bows make it possible to find the ideal bow tie for your prom look. Some of our colorful favorites include the Coral Rishra Linen Bow Tie and the Blue/Black Claiborne Gingham Bow Tie, while some bold patterns that are sure to turn some heads, include our Quicksilver Paisley Bow Tie and our Black/Red Durand Basketweave Bow Tie.


Coral Rishra Linen Bow Tie, $40

Blue/Black Claiborne Gingham Bow Tie, $60

Quicksilver Paisley Bow Tie, $70

Black/Red Durand Basketweave Bow Tie, $70


We would love to see some of your most debonair, formal looks for prom this year. Tag us in your best prom photos wearing your #rhanauer prom bow tie, necktie, cummerbund set or pocket square.