Ode to Karl Lagerfeld Style: The Man Who Always Wore a Tie

Ode to Karl Lagerfeld Style: The Man Who Always Wore a Tie

On February 19, 2019, the fashion industry lost an extraordinary member of their community. Karl Lagerfeld was a legendary designer and the creative mind behind a multitude of luxury fashion, seen on runways all over the world.

The German native was known for his vibrant vision and innovative style, and gained prominence for his dedicated work as creative director for famed fashion houses Chanel and Fendi


Karl Lagerfeld's Style Secrets

While parts of his private life - like his true birth year - remain a mystery, Lagerfeld’s style created an iconic signature for his career. In fact, he was never photographed and rarely seen without wearing either a necktie or bow tie. His favorite staple accessories included a pair of large sunglasses and black, white, or silver neckwear. To this day - and no doubt for many years to come - many men credit his influence for their own sophisticated appearance.

Lagerfeld dressed as a form of self-expression -  stating that “elegance is an attitude” and “a respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul”. He was considered an industry trailblazer who liked to creatively push the limits; however, when discussing his own personal style, he believed that “black and white always looks modern”.

We tip our hat to the late, great fashion icon and honor him by presenting you with a selection of neckties that speak to the sheer elegance and style that was Karl Lagerfeld.


Formal and Elegant - The Signature Black Tie

Most frequently, Lagerfeld accessorized his crisp white dress shirts with a plain black tie. Our Formal Faille Necktie is a classic accessory that looks exquisite and polished for both a grand occasion or a formal event. Any gentleman wishing to exude Lagerfeld's simple elegance and pay homage to the designer’s emblematic style should own this quintessential black tie. 


formal black necktie


Stylish and Striped - The Buckingham Tie

Even though Lagerfeld's style was defined by black and white, he also favored traces of silver - in particular, elegantly striped neckties. Our Grey & White Buckingham Striped Necktie embodies Lagerfeld's sophisticated taste and makes a superb addition to any outfit. 


Grey & White Buckingham tie


Suave and Silver - The Ottoman Necktie

Another necktie that pays tribute to Lagerfeld’s unforgettable look is our Silver Ottoman Necktie. This all-silk, silver tie is both sophisticated and suave, and serves as an exceptional finishing touch to any ensemble. With its luxurious design and carefully crafted appearance, it is the perfect way to take a classic look to the next level - something Lagerfeld was most celebrated for.

silver necktie


Karl Lagerfeld never failed to express himself through his clothing. At  R. Hanauer, we believe that self-expression is at the core of fashion, and we are proud to craft handmade neckties and bow ties that represent the refined style of today's gentleman.