Looking for Something ... Different? Try a Novelty Bow Tie!

Looking for Something ... Different? Try a Novelty Bow Tie!

At R. Hanauer, we are pleased to offer a selection of playful, funny and novel bow ties and tie patterns - both subtle and bold - that make a gentleman stand out in the crowd for all of the right reasons.

From dog-themed bow ties and Jolly Roger ties, to cummerbunds covered in marlins, and bow ties adorned with flamingos - our extensive collection of novelty bow ties and accessories put the kind of pep in your step that lasts through the workday and long beyond. 

Here then are our top picks for "Most Popular Conversation Starters":


Dog-Themed Bow Ties & Accessories

Our Dapper Dogs Liberty Bow Tie is among our most whimsical and exciting patterns for dog lovers of all persuasions.

Featuring a veritable pup party, this all-cotton Liberty London print is full of movement, mischief and heaps of visual interest. Handmade in our Fort Mill, SC, workshop, this handsome fella has no shortage of charm and intrigue.

Dapper Dogs Liberty Bow Tie

We love the rich tradition represented by this sporting gent with his trusty hound in tow - and of course the elegance that comes with their classic pose. Strong and seemingly simple, our Burgundy Dog and Hunter Bow Tie is hand-crafted from precisely woven and delicate silk threading. Available in olive too.

Burgundy Dog and Hunter Bow Tie

The Blue Baxter Labs Necktie is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Proudly showcasing America’s favorite breed, this design brings happy smiles and fond memories to the gentleman who wears it, and often to the people he meets as well. It’s made in the USA from 100% silk and is also available in blue as a bowtie and as a green necktie with black labs

Blue Baxter Labs Dog Tie

Pheasant and fox, hound and hare, goose and bramble - our Teal Walden Hunt Scene Pocket Square makes for a stunning statement piece. Made in Italy from 100% silk, this accessory with its rich jewel tones and gorgeous illustrations is as luxe and enchanting in person as it looks on screen. Make it pop with solid neck wear, or go all out and mix it up: you cannot go wrong.

Teal Walden Hunt Scene Pocket Square


Bow Ties & Accessories in Playful Patterns & Southern Sweets

Representing the flag of South Carolina, our all-silk Coral Columbia Palmetto Bow Tie is one of our most popular among gentlemen who call our state home. It’s pattern-perfect for daytime and evening events alike and is available in several colors. Bow ties come in light blue, green, blue, lavender and aqua, and neckties in blue, light blue, aqua and coral and all are made in the USA. 

Coral Columbia Palmetto Bow Tie

Whether you’re celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day, headed to a pirate-y place, or just feel a bit contrary, our Purple/Gold Jolly Rogers Skull Necktie is just what ye need.

All silk smooth, this delightful scallywag can be found in multiple dashing colors - including classic black and white, of course - on neckties, cummerbund sets, bow ties, and suspenders.


Purple/ Gold Jolly Rogers Skull Tie

With their gangly legs and bright pink feathers, flamingos just make you smile. They’re fun, kind of funky, interesting and quirky - all traits those who wear flamingo-themed accessories seem to have too. Our happy-go-lucky silk Blue Pink Flamingos Bow Tie (and its green and capri contemporaries) is a Spring and Summertime favorite. Available in green as a necktie.

Blue Pink Flamingos Bow Tie

History buffs from Fort Mill, SC, and beyond will delight in our Yellow Springmaid Girls Pocket Square - a recreation of the iconic and unconventional Springmaid girls advertising campaign created in the 40’s by our hometown’s own Colonel Elliott White Springs. All cotton and made in Italy, this conversation piece is also available in blue and red.

Yellow Springmaid Girls Pocket Square

Spring may be a somewhat unusual time to showcase our Red Leg Lamps Necktie, but we would be remiss to share our favorite novelty accessories without making mention of this indescribable beauty. It’s all silk and super-limited-edition - so be sure to order yours well in advance of the holidays. This nostalgic triumph comes as a bow tie and cummerbund set too. Made in the USA.

Red Leg Lamps Necktie

Novelty Bow Ties For the Avid Sportsman

Deep sea fishermen will go weak at the knees at our gorgeous all-silk Yellow Marlins Cummerbund Set - whether they’ve caught a mighty marlin or still in hot pursuit.

Striking in every color, this set will inspire exciting small talk and hook sportsman from across the room. Available as a cummerbund set in coral, and sold separately as a bow tie in yellow, coral and aqua. Also offered as a necktie in yellow, coral and aqua

Yellow Marlins Cummerbund Set

Derby Week is on the horizon, which means it’s time to shine up your julep cups and suss out your festive garb. On our short list is this handsome, all-silk Blue Mint Julep Necktie. Guaranteed to race off the shelves at this time of year, be sure to check out this whimsical pattern as a yellow necktie, and as bowtie in yellow and violet. Cheers!

Blue Mint Julep Necktie

Our Navy Jockey Helmets Bow Tie is at the top of our packing list for every US racing event. Presented in primary colors, this all-silk accessory is full of jolly mischief and celebratory movement - and holds its shape from sun up to well past sundown. Also available in red, and in navy as a necktie. 

Navy Jockey Helmets Bow Tie

As our country’s oldest organized sport - and beloved by modern gentlemen of all ages - it’s only right that lacrosse has a home at R. Hanauer. Our Red Lacrosse Sticks Bow Tie is as vibrant and energized as a game-time face off, and available in all sizes, from boys to XXL. Rake up this 100% silk ivy style winner in orange and blue too. 

Red Lacrosse Sticks Bow Tie

At #RHanauer, we believe confidence is a gentleman’s very best asset … and when you hitch that feeling to fine accessories that give a glimpse into your personality, it can take that confidence straight into orbit.

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