National Bow Tie Day is August 28th!

National Bow Tie Day is August 28th!

Our favorite day of the year is right around the corner -- are you ready for National Bow Tie Day on August 28th?

If you’re anything like us, you dress to impress and take every opportunity really to wear a snazzy bow tie. So then, fellow bow tie lovers - snap on your very best piece and mark your calendars... and let's look at how we can seize this day together!


How to Celebrate National Bow Tie Day

Preparing for this wonderful holiday is really pretty easy. Come August 27th, take some time to leisurely survey your bow tie stash (or add a few fresh ones now from our Summer Bow Tie collection!), pick out your favorite, pair it with your sharpest coat and shirt - and be ready for the next day. 

Whether you’re going to work, meeting friends for drinks, or simply running errands, National Bow Tie Day is the perfect excuse to have fun, dress up a bit and show the world that you're a proud bow tie aficionado. 

These gentleman obviously are on top of their bow tie game and ready for the big day:

2 gentlemen ready for National Bow Tie Day

 Once you are ready for the best holiday of the year, you will certainly want to showcase your bow tie pride to your friends, family and followers to see! Channel your innermost debonair gentleman, and pose for a few photos that best display your selected bow tie. 

Next, post your photo on the social media channel of your choice and tag  #NationalBowTieDay and #RHanauer so everyone knows you’re participating in the celebration. 


A Bow Tie for Every Gentleman

Need help with choosing the perfect bow tie for the big day? Admittedly, it can be pretty difficult to pick out only one solitary bow tie for National Bow Tie Day.

But no worries - we are here to help you select the very best bow tie that jives with your style preferences. 

Blue bow tie on a tuxedo

 If you’re looking to rock a vivacious, lively bow tie, we suggest anything with a colorful, exciting print.

Our Land of Dreams Liberty Bow Tie is an excellent choice if you’re wanting an accessory that is both eye-catching and unique. The Land of Dreams features bright colors and a whimsical design that is guaranteed to stand out in the crowd of National Bow Tie Day pictures.

Land of Dreams Bow Tie

 If you're more the "simple and sophisticated" type, a classic striped bow tie would be a wonderful choice for your National Bow Tie Day look. A gentleman could do no wrong in one of our Powell Stripes Bow Ties

Powell Striped Bow Ties


National Bow Tie Day is all about sharing your personal style with the world, and celebrating our mutual love for beautiful bow ties. So don’t forget to red-circle August 28th in your calendar and to set a reminder on your phone... because this is a national holiday you don't want to miss!

We can't wait to see your pictures on our Facebook or Instagram so tag us with #RHanauer and #NationalBowTieDay!


Man wearing a festive colorful bow tie