Cummerbund Sets for Your Summer Formal Events

Cummerbund Sets for Your Summer Formal Events

While most black tie events seem to fall in the spring and winter months, don’t pack up your formal attire (and especially your cummerbund sets!) just yet. The summer still holds promise for exciting festivities that will keep your social calendar full and your style sharp.

Below are several ways to dress the part for your summer weddings, galas, and getaways:


Shine at your Summer Weddings with a Blue Cummerbund and Bow Tie

Formal attire is a must for any ceremony after 6 pm - whether you’re attending a destination or church wedding. A gentleman can never go wrong with a classic black cummerbund set, but there are other ways you can add some sparkle to your summer wedding outfit.

We find that subtly colorful cummerbund sets - like our Blue Denali Neats - are an interesting way to add dimension to an otherwise conventional tuxedo.


Blue cummerbund set


Set the Tone at the Gala with a Daring Red Cummerbund

If you find yourself receiving copious invitations to charity balls, galas, and fundraisers this summer, you can classify yourself as a true man about town. Solid colored cummerbund sets are striking against formal black and gray suits, and allow you to tastefully embrace your individuality.

Rich hues such as red, royal blue, and purple command attention and exude confidence. We find that our eye-catching Red Satin Cummerbund Set is a daring, yet satisfying choice for a summer formal event. 


Red cummerbund set


Conquer the High Seas with a Floral Cummerbund

Cruises - whether they are domestic or exotic - provide you with an opportunity to show off your flair for the finer things in life. It doesn't have to be all Hawaiian shirts though - when packing for your travels at sea, leave your inhibitions at the door and let your creative side shine through.

Feel free to dabble in floral prints, vibrant colors, and interesting patterns for your accessories. When dining at the captain’s table, showcase your fresh style with a whimsical floral Chive Liberty Cummerbund Set. You will be sure to impress your crewmates and be the talk of your deck.


floral cummerbund set


Cummerbund sets are the finishing touch for any classic ensemble. When dressing for your next formal affair, pull out your tuxedo and polish your dress shoes - but don't forget that accessories are what make your style unique.