Creative Ways for the Groom to Stand Out

Creative Ways for the Groom to Stand Out

With a wedding comes months of planning, finding an exceptional venue, perfecting the guest list, and finalizing details to make certain that such a monumental day is as perfect as possible.

While all of these decisions are quite crucial for wedding planning-- who is going to be by your side, and what you are going to wear on your special day both top the list. While it is customary for a bride’s dress to differ from the ones that her bridesmaids are wearing, it is also possible for the groom to stand out amongst his groomsmen.

At R. Hanauer, we believe it is essential for a gentleman to feel unique and his most authentic self, especially on his wedding day. Below are several creative ways for the groom to stand out during his nuptials.


It’s All in the Details

Often at weddings, a guest can easily spot the bride in a crowd because she has chosen a dress that is distinctive and special, one that differs from all of the rest. For a groom, it can often feel impossible to find an ensemble that is memorable and unique without being excessive or distracting. Instead of finding an entire outfit to make a statement, it is beneficial for a groom to focus on the finer details of his wedding attire. One way that a groom can stand out from his groomsmen is to sport a customized bow tie. Coordinating the colors or the patterns featured in the groomsmen’s neckwear to the groom’s bow tie still looks sophisticated and uniform without being completely identical. A customized look for the groom showcases his one-of-a-kind style, and it will make him look and feel his very best.

Experiment with Accessories

Another way to achieve a distinct look for the groom is to experiment with different accessories. A groom can incorporate different pieces into his ensemble such as a vest or suspenders to make his look more elaborate. The groomsmen can also coordinate their neckwear with the bridesmaids’ dresses, while the groom looks debonair in a timeless white or black bow tie. Perhaps, the bride has chosen specific colors for the wedding and wants the selection to be featured in the wedding party attire. At R. Hanauer, we offer custom styling and design services. A bride and groom can send us a swatch of their wedding colors, and we can select pieces from our current collections that would pair perfectly with the given color scheme, or we can print a custom fabric to achieve a further personalized look.


Mix and Match

One way to achieve an unmatched look is to dress the groom in a combo bow tie and have the groomsmen wear bows that feature one design. For instance, if a groom were to select our Black Sherman/Windsor Dots Bow Tie, his groomsmen could wear our Black/White Sherman Striped bow. Some other popular styles include the groomsmen sporting different colored bow ties from the groom’s selection. This allows for the groom to make a lasting impression without appearing to be over the top. Alternating colors and designs in formal wear are both excellent ways for a groom’s style to differ from his groomsmen.

At R. Hanauer, we understand that a gentleman’s wedding day is one of the biggest and most significant moments of his life. Once you’ve found your perfect match, we would be honored to help you tie the knot by finding your perfect wedding accessories.