Celebrate Easter with a Bow Tie

Celebrate Easter with a Bow Tie

Easter is a time to celebrate the colorful beginnings all around us. What better way to tap into that and showcase your vibrant style with a charming Easter bow tie?

Whether you’re attending a church service, going on a merry hunt for Easter eggs, or visiting family for a feast - we have just the right kind of bow tie for the occasion.


If you're celebrating at church:

Many people begin their Easter Sunday at a church celebration. Although dress codes may vary, we suggest sporting either a navy, linen, or seersucker suit and pairing it with a colorful bow for a look that is festive and sharp.

A favorite for a Sunday service is our Madras Bow Tie because it features the colors of Spring: blue, green, and pink, paired with an understated pattern. The tones are lively and fresh, without being over the top, making this bow tie an exceptional choice for Easter.


Easter Bow Tie in Blue, Green and Pink


If you're celebrating outdoors:

Are you an Easter egg hunt kind-of-guy? Dress to impress while also being comfortable, and make your quest for eggs under the spring sun as easy as pie.

A light button-down shirt and khaki pants are an ideal outfit for outdoor festivities. Egg hunts are carefree and exciting, so don't be afraid to show off your lively nature with a pastel bow.

We find that cool-colored accessories, like our playful Bar Stripes Quad Bow Tie make for a prismatic presentation.  

Silk Easter Bow Tie with Stripes


If you're celebrating with family:

Many families celebrate the Easter holiday together. As with most in-law gatherings, it's likely there will be photos.

If a group portrait is in store, there's no better occasion to coordinate with your family members. We find that the Pink Emma and Georgina Liberty Bow Tie is the ideal accessory for a white, pink, or blue button-down and looks particularly handsome on a father and son duo.

Plus, an Easter bow tie for your little gentleman would be the perfect finishing touch for his egg basket, making him look just as dapper as dad!

Easter Bow Tie with flowers


Easter is a holiday that invites you to celebrate Spring, rebirth and color. It's also the perfect opportunity to display your own personal style. You will want to look your sharpest for the season - and you can trust R.Hanauer to deliver those perfect splashes of color for the occasion.