10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

10 At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Couples across the country are coming up with such a sweet array of at home date night ideas, there’s a likelihood that several will stay in regular rotation - even after we can mix and mingle again. 

With Valentine’s Day on the immediate horizon, the #RHanauer team has handsome red bow ties and fun quarantine date night ideas on our minds! Here are 10 of our favorites - suitable for all couples, no matter if you’re newly dating or long-time married.

1. Share a Meal

Where we used to make reservations in advance, don a dapper look and then let the chefs take care of the rest - now we are chief cook and bottle washer alike! But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. 

Plan and make a meal together, or surprise your significant other with a menu all your own (or secretly get delivery and skip the dishes). If you can’t physically be together, hop on a video call and follow the same recipe, or order-in the same thing and share a meal, quarantine-style!  

2. Go Backyard Camping (or Indoor Glamping)

If camping is your thing but you need to keep to the homestead, consider pitching a tent in your backyard, building a fire, roasting marshmallows, the whole nine yards. If the weather turns - or your back can’t take it - you can always head in before the whole idea rains on your parade. 

At home date night ideas - Camping


If glamping is more your speed, set up camp in a cozy spot indoors. Maybe even build a blanket fort, hang some fairy lights, and light a fire on the hearth.  

3. Dance!

Make amazing new memories, perhaps while reliving some happy old ones, by taking turns choosing tracks. This is another of our stay-at-home date ideas for couples that translates to a virtual setting!

Music streaming apps like Spotify, Soundcloud or Pandora make it easy to find and play virtually any song under the sun. You’re the DJ, so you set the pace - whether that means burning off a big meal with a dance floor banger, trying out some moves from back in the day (or Tik Toks from today), or sweetly slow dancing across the living room floor. Literally, no one is watching! 

4. Pack a Picnic

Nibbles and sips in a sunny spot just cannot be beaten. And now, more than ever, being outside is a tonic. Look for a park you’ve never been to, or think about combining a picnic with a hike, bike ride, or a breathtaking vista. Perhaps even pack some binoculars and some nature guides.  

For an unexpected twist, plan a picnic under the new moon, or gaze at the a-Centaurid meteor shower. A telescope will get you bonus points, but a stargazing app like Star Walk or Sky View will go a long way too. Don’t forget to pack a blanket to sit on and a second one to wrap up in, so a chill won’t eclipse the experience.

5. Taste Test

After a while, we all fall into a rhythm and frequently return to the same ingredients and recipes - even takeout spots.

Shake things up by trying something completely different. Always wondered what that crazy-looking fruit or vegetable tastes like? Buy it, and grab some others to keep it company, or order something totally different for delivery. Then, stage a taste test. Read to each other about the food’s origin and uses, and keep note of what you want to try again.  


At Home Date Night Ideas - Taste Test


This is another fun activity to do virtually. You can even surprise each other with a box of mystery items. If your family roots run beyond the US, a taste test is a great way to get to know one another. 

6. Do a Puzzle 

A bottle of wine, a bit of sultry background jazz, and a challenging puzzle is a winning combination. It’s relaxing, allows for intimate conversation or comfortable quiet, and takes as much time as you want it to.

A few hundred pieces will last about an evening, whereas a thousand or more will take several days. Choose a puzzle that depicts something of interest to you both so you’re equally keen.

Can’t work a puzzle together? Do it together, apart! Order the same one and do it via video chat. Plus, your plan of attack will be very revealing about your personalities!   

7. Night of Candlelight

Stock up on candles and commit to keeping electricity out of the picture for the night. The glow is warm, welcoming, and terribly romantic. Pair with soft music, yummy food, and delicious drink - and the outside world will feel light-years away.  

At home date night ideas - night of candle light


Up the ante by making whoever accidentally turns on a light do a small penance. Maybe it’s something delightfully mundane, like racking up days on dishwasher duty, or something more playful like taking a drink or choosing truth or dare.  

8. Bottoms Up

Both enjoy a bold red, a good IPA or a complex bourbon? Spend an evening enjoying a tasting menu of your own curation. Or, if you’re on opposite ends of the bevy spectrum, challenge each other to see the good in your go-to choice. This is an idea you can do over video chat too, if need be.

Whichever way you spin it, plan on pairing each selection with a complementary nibble. This will help you make your case, and keep the room from spinning. If you’re not sure how to best arrange your flight or artfully pick a pairing, do a bit of online research or call your local wine shop for ideas. 

9. Game Night

Board and card games are timeless, and - chosen thoughtfully - could make for one of the most fun of all at home Valentine’s Day ideas. Whether you go childhood classic or for mature audiences only, you’re guaranteed to have big laughs and make some golden memories. 

At home date night ideas - game night

Keep the smiles coming by snapping photos of the pinnacle moments - like losing it all, or rising from the ashes to claim the gold. Or maybe keep your scorecard so you can (lovingly) crush your competition next time. 

10. Dream a Little Dream

After so much time in close quarters, it’s a romantic exercise to dream about the future together. Create a shared bucket list, imagine your best day ever, plot a sky’s-the-limit road trip, or plan an international adventure. 

Set some ground rules, like no idea is a bad idea or pretend money is no option, so it’s a fun activity from start to finish. You’ll learn a lot about your partner (and probably yourself), and you’ll enjoy a lovely little escape from the everyday. Stick your wish lists on the fridge and when we can all come out and play again, bring some of your ideas to life!

No matter what you do on your romantic night in though - do it in style. Skip the sweats and surprise your beloved with a jaw-dropping look.

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