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Paisley Bow Ties

Paisley bow ties are an exceptional choice when looking to make a sophisticated, yet eye-catching presentation with an ensemble. The distinctive pattern adds both dimension and intricacy to an outfit, featuring vivacious colors in the design that are bright, dynamic, and sure to make a statement. Both colors and fabrics play an important role when styling paisley accessories, meaning that a gentleman can sport paisley bow ties in the summer and the winter months. Paisley bows can also be worn with a vast range of casual or formal attire, depending on the featured colors and the fabrics that are used to create the bow tie itself. A paisley bow tie has the ability to look professional and sharp, while also exuding a striking sense of confidence and style. Shop R. Hanauer’s collection of paisley patterned bow ties and find the ideal look that completes your wardrobe.

The R. Hanauer Process

At R. Hanauer, each and every tie and accessory are created by an extremely talented and skilled team member in our local shop in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Our bow ties are handmade, as well as made to order. Randy and Randall Hanauer are our father-and-son team, and they both carefully select specific types of silk, cotton, linen, and wool fabrics for each of our products. Our various collections feature English and Italian silk from renowned international mills. When the order process has officially begun, our bow ties are first cut by hand to begin the creation of the product. As opposed to the straight of grain, our bow tie fabrics are cut on a bias to produce the best-tying bow tie on the market. This process allows for the pattern to be cut out at a 45-degree angle in order to produce the gentle stretch of the fabric for the ease and efficiency of tying the bow. A bias-cut lining is in every one of our bow ties in order to ensure that the structure and shape will continue to remain in prime condition. At R. Hanauer, we are dedicated and proud to be making American made bow ties, neckties, cummerbund sets and more in our hometown of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

History of the Paisley Pattern

The origin of the iconic paisley design can be traced back to the Persian design known as the buta. The buta, often recognized as the curved teardrop shaped emblem on the print,  is the central element that is featured on the paisley pattern. The design holds several different kinds of symbolism, some claiming it is a floral pattern that represents new life, while others believe it embodies the elements of everlasting life.

In Persia, the pattern was often used to decorate and adorn the majority of royal insignia. The design became extremely popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, and the original Persian style was often emulated by local vendors in order to achieve a similar style to that of the upper class and royalty. Eventually, the design became more commonly seen on items such as cashmere shawls, carpets, and other decorative pieces for the home. Paisley quickly evolved into a textile of high demand, and trading companies, such as the East India Company, made the design so desired that many textile mills began to dedicate the majority of their labor towards creating only the paisley print. The beloved design got its name from a town in Scotland, where a vast portion of paisley accessories were produced and distributed. While the design originally was created through an intricate weaving process, it soon became much easier and more efficient to print the paisley pattern onto garments and accessories.

Even though paisley began as a design that was worn by Persian royalty and the upper class, an extensive amount of individuals have sported the prominent design. Paisley has been viewed as a sophisticated design worn by nobility, a famous psychedelic print, and an animated fashion staple for celebrities, such as music legends, writers, and artists.

How to Style Paisley Bow Ties

Paisley bow ties are an excellent choice when wishing to add some embellishment to an outfit. While the paisley design is quite lively and eye-catching, it is important to stray from styling a paisley bow tie alongside other busy patterns. Instead, select fundamental, contributing pieces and subdued accessories in order to allow the bow tie to make a statement and to enhance the vibrancy of the paisley print. A gentleman that sports a paisley bow tie exudes confidence and displays an animated personality, as well as a strong sense of style by allowing the print to stand alone as a conversational piece. Personality plays a key role in one’s own style, and the paisley design is both light-hearted and energetic, while also being poised and tasteful. A paisley bow tie illustrates sophistication, and can be worn in a formal setting; however, it has the flexibility to also be styled in a more casual manner as well. The pattern has been accepted, loved, and worn by a wide majority of individuals, proving that it will always be an iconic aspect of style. R. Hanauer is proud to showcase such a versatile design on our custom, handmade bow ties.