Perfect Pairs: What to Wear to Winter Formal Events

Perfect Pairs: What to Wear to Winter Formal Events

Black tie affairs often bring to mind the image of a sharply styled ensemble featuring an elegant tuxedo, a freshly pressed white dress shirt, an exquisite cummerbund set, and finally, a pocket square to complete the look. How a gentleman dresses for a formal event speaks to his character; therefore, you should dress your very best when attending a formal, black tie event. Cocktail parties, galas, the opera, and black tie weddings are all grand occasions where the formal dress code is often enforced. At R. Hanauer, we celebrate the distinguished characteristics of an individual’s style, and we have selected several dynamic pairings of cummerbund sets and pockets squares that will highlight your own authentic style.

What to Wear to the Evening Wedding

For any gentleman in attendance of a formal, evening wedding a customary tuxedo is always appropriate. While many other guests will also be sporting a dashing tuxedo ensemble, you have the opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd with the perfect cummerbund set and pocket square. Our Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set adds a dash of color to your look while also incorporating a classic traditional club that is both conversational and appropriate. The classic fox mask pattern featured on the cummerbund and matching bow tie might be subtle, but it will certainly add a one of a kind flare to your wedding attire. For an elegant event such as a wedding, the pocket square that accompanies the cummerbund set does not need to be flashy, instead, it should tie together the entire look. Our Green Whipstitch Pocket Square offers a glimpse of color that coordinates with the Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set, while allowing the unique pattern on the cummerbund set to be the focal point of the formal ensemble. 


Green Fox Mask Cummerbund Set - CB2005, $185

Green Whipstitch Pocket Square - 123, $55

What to Wear to the New Year’s Eve Celebration

Ringing in the New Year calls for a look that is unique and eye catching. Silvers and golds are always stunning options for celebratory, formal events, and a glistening cummerbund set will certainly catch the eye of other guests at the party. Our Champagne Paisley Cummerbund Set would be an excellent choice for counting down the seconds into the new year. Pair it with a crisp, white pocket square, like our White Cotton Liberty, and you’ll have a look that will be talked about all year.


Champagne Paisley Cummerbund Set - CB1693, $170

White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square - 100, $25

What to Wear to the Winter Gala

Black tie galas and winter balls are the talk of the town during the yuletide season. In the south, debutante balls are often held during the winter months. These balls are formal events where young women are officially introduced into society, and they are often escorted by young gentleman into the affair. If a gentleman finds himself in attendance as a guest, or even an escort, black tie attire is a must. Our Burgundy Derwin Repp Cummerbund Set is festive for the season, while also being tasteful and classic. Pair it with our Burgundy Whipstitch Pocket Square, and you have a look that is timeless and suave, but perfect for formal winter events. 


Burgundy Derwin Repp Cummerbund Set - CB2654, $180

Burgundy Whipstitch Pocket Square - 120, $55

What to Wear to the Formal Fundraiser

Fundraisers and auctions are exciting events that are fun to dress for, but also benefit the community as well. When dressing for events such as these it is important to be comfortable, but to also have a sharp look that meets the dress code. Our Blue Ottoman Cummerbund Set would accompany a sleek navy tuxedo quite nicely. As the pattern on the cummerbund set is quite understated, our White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square offers a well-crafted look that is sophisticated and stylish.


Blue Ottoman Cummerbund Set - CB3776, $170

White Cotton Liberty Pocket Square - 100, $25

The Formal Christmas Party

A gentleman in attendance of a formal Christmas party, whether it is a social gathering or a business function, should always be dressed to the nines. While dressing appropriately and adhering to the dress code is important, there still is some leeway to incorporate some bolder and seasonal pieces into your formal attire. Our Red and Green Vero Dots Cummerbund Set is a vibrant piece that showcases a gentleman’s festive style and his classic taste. Our Red Whipstitch Pocket Square echoes the shade of red present in the cummerbund set and gives a slight nod to a candy cane, making it the perfect accessory to complete the lively ensemble.


Red and Green Vero Dots Cummerbund Set - CB2011, $225

Red Whipstitch Pocket Square - 114, $55