How To Fold a Pocket Square

How To Fold a Pocket Square

The pocket square is among the well-dressed gentleman’s most essential fine accessories. For those who know how to fold a pocket square, the accessory is a celebrated closet staple. For those who don’t - they tend to shy away from wearing and collecting them. Which we naturally consider a missed opportunity in the world of menswear. 

Though small in size, the pocket square with its extraordinary versatility has the potential to make a major impact. The type of fabric, the details of the print, the finishes of the seams and, of course, the choice of fold, convey a great deal about a gentleman’s personality. 

There are numerous ways to fold a pocket square. To get you started, we are  showcasing three of our favorites: the Presidential Fold, the Magic Fold, and the Points Up Fold. 

The Presidential Fold

Striking and sophisticated, the Presidential Fold is as simple as it is chic.

Presidential Fold Pocket Square


Best articulated with a hand-rolled pocket square like our Whipstitch Border Pocket Square, the Presidential Fold is easily achieved:

  • First, fold your pocket square in half and in half again, creating a square that’s a quarter of the size of the original fabric.
  • Next, fold your square in half again, this time leaving you with a rectangle. 
  • To finish, fold the bottom of the rectangle up, stopping at a place that will allow about a half inch of the fabric to show above the line of your pocket. 
  • Push the folded pocket square into your breast pocket, ensuring the border is displayed parallel to the edge of your pocket. Adjust to your preference.

The Magic Fold

The volume that results from the aptly-named Magic Fold adds a bit of flair to day-time looks and drama to date-night ensembles. 

Magic Fold Pocket Square


Try it with an exciting print, such as the Whitestone Paisley Pocket Square. Once complete, the Magic Fold will display its intricacies beautifully, providing instant movement and interest: 

  • Begin by laying your unfolded pocket square flat over the top of your hollowed fist.

  • Next, use your index finger to push the middle of the pocket square down into the hollow of your fist. 
  • Once through to your pinky finger, pull the fabric down a bit so that you can hold the fold together like a bouquet with your free hand while you release your fist. 
  • Carefully push the pocket square into your breast pocket, adjusting it as necessary to achieve your desired volume. 

The Points Up Fold 

A pocket square with an interesting edge detail, such as our Linen Border Pocket Square, is ideal for the Points Up Fold.

Points Up Fold Pocket Square

Though it requires some precision, the Points Up Fold is more easily executed than it’s polished finish appears: 

  • First, lay your pocket square with one of the points facing you so that the fabric is oriented like a diamond, as opposed to a square.
  • Next, fold your fabric upwards as if to create an isosceles triangle, but place the point to the right of the top of your triangle. 
  • Now, take the right side of the triangle and fold it to the left so that the point sits to the left of your initial point. 
  • Then, take the left side and fold it to the right so that the point sits to the far right of the three existing points. 
  • Fold the excess fabric from the left and right side behind all four points, and tuck the remaining fabric toward the back so that the fold will display correctly in your pocket. 
  • Finally, push the folded pocket square into your breast pocket, fanning or tucking the points as needed for optimal effect. 

How To Fold a Pocket Square Video

Are you a visual learner? Not to worry. We've got you covered with an easy to follow video right here: 

Try these simple, elegant folds, and experiment with others - and then post your favorite #RHanauer looks on social media. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for ideas, inspiration and announcements about new products.

At R. Hanauer, we believe a key accessory is a gentleman’s confidence. Wear your square with pride.