Printed Bow Ties

A bow tie is no longer just for formal occasions like balls or weddings. These accessories now come in almost any style and color imaginable. So whether you're celebrating a holiday or big event, heading out for a night on the town, or simply going into the office a printed bow tie can tie your look together and make a unique statement. Shop our collection of printed bow ties below:

Style Handmade In the USA

R. Hanauer has been in the business of bow ties and men's accessories for more than 30 years. What began with owner Randy Hanauer's original vision to create more interesting men's accessories than the standard white pocket square and handkerchief, has now grown to a flourishing family business. Though through the decades, and fashion trends, R. Hanauer has retained high standards of manufacturing, crafting each piece by hand in the US. This distinct American-made concept is rooted in local craftsmanship and pride. Every R. Hanauer bow tie, necktie, cummerbund set or pocket square is made right in the USA.

While the brand is a celebration of local heritage, it uses luxurious imported fabrics and sophisticated designs that would be at home in any of the major cosmopolitan cities of the world. This attention to detail is at the heart of everything R. Hanauer produces. Randy himself still picks out the fabric for each hand cut and hand sewn bow tie collection that passes through the Fort Mill workshop. The brand fuses high-quality products with a down-home work ethic to produce cherished and playful pieces.

Unique Approach To Design

Each R. Hanauer bow tie is cut on the bias to give it extra stretch. This allows the tie to hold its shape better in a classic knot. To accommodate for different tastes and occasions R. Hanauer offers six different bow tie styles, whether it’s the more traditional Henry or Philip or the more playful Diamond End series with the Louie and Stanley styles.

A Bow Tie As Bold As You Are

When it comes to describing neckwear, the word “print” is sometimes confused to be a synonym for “design” or “pattern,” but it actually refers to a method of transferring ink onto cloth. Our bow ties are printed by one of two methods: screen and digital. Screen printing is a very old technique—first seen in China during the Song Dynasty—and is still used today. This method requires the use of a screen, used like a stencil, to transfer ink onto the cloth in a specific pattern or design. Digital printing is a much newer technology, and its application in the silk printing industry has only been a competitive option since around the early 2000’s. The process of digital printing silk is similar to that which is used in your inkjet printer at home, just on a much larger scale.

The brand's printed bow ties offer a unique way to stand out from the crowd or make a statement. These aren't your run of the mill black bow ties that were once the only acceptable attire at a formal function such as a ball or a wedding. Today's printed bow ties can be worn almost anywhere, from a party, to a holiday event, a day at the races, a religious service, on date night, to meet up with friends, to a summer barbeque, or even into work.

A bow tie can be worn for any and every occasion if it's properly selected and matched with the right attire. Printed bow ties offer a bit more creativity and flexibility in your look. It can elevate an outfit into something extra special and also speak volumes about your style and personality. As more and more men begin to wear bow ties for many different occasions, today's trends are becoming more bold and playful with added texture, patterns, and colors.

R. Hanauer offers all silk, all linen, all cotton, and wool and silk blend printed bow ties in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Whether you are looking for gingham, polka dots, paisley, stripes, or a completely unique print such as our palmetto, leaves, or flowers prints, R. Hanauer has something special to suit your needs.

Unique Bow Ties for Your Personal Style

If you are looking for something more bespoke such as a particular design or color palette, just let us know. Since all R. Hanauer bow ties are handmade they are also fully customizable according to your personal style. If you'd like to see some swatches we can send a sample to you or if you need a particular size we'll work with you to design something that fits you especially.

Contact R. Hanauer at 800-514-9707 or to speak about a custom designed piece.