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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Whether you’re attending a summer wedding with a date, or going stag, it is always important to arrive in style, and dressed appropriately for the special occasion. From black tie formalities to bold festive attire, summer wedding style is all about dressing the part.

1. Black Tie: For any gentleman attending a black tie affair, simple and elegant is best. Tuxedos are the obvious choice; however, your accessories can include understated patterns that set you apart from the rest of the guests. For the more conservative dresser, our Formal Black Satin or Faille bow ties will without a doubt complete the elegant ensemble. For the sophisticated man who still likes to make a statement, subdued pattern certainly offers a unique twist to the classic look. Our Black/White Legacy Paisley bow tie is one example of how to stand out in a crowd, and adding suspenders or a pocket square can further customize the standard black tie look.



Formal Black Satin Bow Tie - B598, $65

Formal Black Faille Bow Tie - B599, $65

Black/White Legacy Paisley Bow Tie - B4043, $70

2. Formal Attire/Black Tie Optional: Even though black tie optional and formal attire often allow for some flexibility when dressing for a summer wedding, tuxedos are still the appropriate choice. While dark suits can be an alternative to a tuxedo, it is always important for a gentleman to adhere to the dress code, and never arrive underdressed to an event. White dress shirts paired with black ties are still considered standard; however, it is also permissible to wear modest paisleys, plaids, and a minimal amount of color in your neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Our Formal Black Satin necktie is a must for any gentleman keeping his look classic and debonair; however, the Blue Derwin Repp necktie also achieves the sophisticated and polished style that is suitable for any formal affair.


Formal Black Satin Necktie - F598, $115

Blue Derwin Repp Necktie - F2650, $110

3. Semi Formal/Cocktail Attire: Semi formal and cocktail wedding attire allows for a slightly more casual look in comparison to the formal and black tie dress codes. For example, a navy suit paired with our Red Derwin Repp necktie and our Navy Sedona Medallion Pocket Square makes for a complete statement for any semi formal event. Our Gold Ottoman bow tie may also be substituted for a necktie; simply add a pocket square, such as our Gold Legion Paisley Pocket Square, and brown leather belt and shoes for a look that is picture perfect and memorable.



Red Derwin Repp Necktie - F2653, $110

Navy Sedona Medallion Pocket Square - 4193, $60

Gold Ottoman Bow Tie - B3777, $60

Gold Legion Paisley Pocket Square - 4083, $60

4. Festive Attire: For the gentleman that appreciates bright, fun colors and bold style, festive attire is as welcome at a summer wedding event as a cold Long Island Iced Tea. Linen and seersucker suits, or separates, can be worn with an array of pastel shirts… and feel free to let your color flag fly when it comes to neckties, bow ties, or pocket squares. Some of our most vibrant and festive bow ties include the Yellow Jefferson Paisley bow tie, the Blue Malvern Flowers bow tie, and the Pink/Navy Coleman Striped bow tie, just to name a few from our Summer Collection. A festive look is not complete without a pocket square! Some vivid patterns include our Pink Peachtree Paisley Pocket Square and our Thorpe Liberty Pocket Square, while our Blue/Pink Gingham Pocket Square also provides the perfect finishing touch for any summer wedding look.





Yellow Jefferson Paisley Bow Tie - B4128, $65

Blue Malvern Flowers Bow Tie - B4135, $65

Pink/Navy Coleman Striped Bow Tie - B4140, $70

Pink Peachtree Paisley Pocket Square - 4188, $60

Thorpe Liberty Pocket Square - 3904, $45

Blue/Pink Gingham Pocket Square - 501, $22.50