Top 5 Bow Tie Shapes

Top 5 Bow Tie Shapes

If you’re anything like us - or consider yourself to be a bow tie connoisseur - you might be well-versed in the sophisticated language that is bow tie shapes.

The world of menswear fashion and accessories is ever growing - and style,  shape and color trends are ever-changing. So whether you’re a novice bow tie wearer or a well groomed expert - here's your opportunity to stay on top of your bow tie shapes knowledge.

1. The Classic Bow Tie:

This accessory is known at R. Hanauer as the Henry. It is the most classic bow tie shape we offer (hence the name...). The Henry has a 2¼" standard style bow tie shape, and it is one of the most popular bow tie styles due to its quintessential look.

Whenever someone mentions a bow tie, this shape is most likely the first image that comes to mind: 

Classic Bow Tie Shape - The Henry


2. The Butterfly Bow Tie:

Another popular shape is the Butterfly Bow Tie. At R. Hanauer, we offer two particular styles that follow the Butterfly shape:

- The first is the Phillip, a 2½" Butterfly Bow Tie, and one of the most well-favored styles next to the Classic Bow Tie.

Butterfly Bow Tie Shape - the Phillip


- The other 3" Butterfly style is known as the Stuart. This particularly oversized bow tie is an excellent selection for a gentleman who wishes to make a bold statement with his menswear.

Butterfly Bow Tie Shape - the Stuart

3. The Diamond Tip Bow Tie:

You may know this accessory as the Diamond End, the Diamond Point, or the Diamond Tip Bow Tie... and here at R. Hanauer we carry two distinct styles of this lovely diamond-shaped neck wear:

- The Louie - which is our 2⅜" Diamond Tip Bow Tie, and ...

Diamond Tip Bow Tie Shape - The Louie



- ... its brother, the Stanley - is a slightly smaller 2" Diamond Point.

Diamond Point Bow Tie - The Stanley

Diamond Tip bow ties are known for making an extraordinarily elegant statement due to their refined characteristics. Why not be adventurous and try one today? 

4. The Straight Bow Tie:

This bow tie shape is known for being slightly less formal. Also known as the Batwing Bow Tie, this straight-cut style is perfect for your casual, everyday ensemble. 

At R. Hanauer, we offer a 2" straight style known as the Jackson. This bow tie is a great choice for an informal gathering, such as a get-together with close friends or a relaxed dinner date.

Straight Bow Tie Shape - The Jackson


5. The Single-End Bow Tie:

Last but certainly not least, our newest bow tie shape is the Single-End Bow Tie.

This bow tie style is made specifically for the gentleman who doesn’t want any bow tie hardware to be visible when wearing a wing tip collar tuxedo shirt. The Single-End Bow Tie is still tied like a regular bow tie; the only difference is that this shape is made without any accompanying equipage. 

Single End Bow Tie

We recommend not spending too much time stressing out over which bow tie shape is the textbook choice for your outfit. Instead, focus on which style suits your own personal look.

In truth, there is no right or wrong choice when picking out the perfect bow tie shape ... it’s all comes down to your very own preferences of color, pattern and simply what you feel best in! Explore our collection of bow ties now!


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