Monogrammed Ties, Bow Ties & other Accessories - and Why You Should Care

Monogrammed Ties, Bow Ties & other Accessories - and Why You Should Care

Curious about monogrammed ties, pocket squares, bow ties and cummerbunds to spark up your attire - or give as a special gift? 


Why Choose a Monogram? 

As the well-dressed gentleman curates his ensemble for the day or evening ahead, he tends to choose something a little extra special to complete his look.

Sometimes it’s rather overt - such as a pop of symbolic color or a high-profile pattern. But often it’s wonderfully covert, like socks that hint at his personality, or thought-provoking cuff links. Regardless though of which way the romantic detail is expressed, it undoubtedly adds a bit of pep to his step. 

At R. Hanauer, we delight in all of the details - and our new favorite way to elevate your wardrobe is with a monogram.

Monogrammed Pocket Square - White


From embroidery on ties and cummerbunds to monogrammed pocket squares and bow ties, we are thrilled to now offer the option of adding your own stamp to R. Hanauer accessories.

Consider these tips for creating the most elegant of statements:

Letter Perfect

Etiquette suggests that the shape of the monogram and the sequence of initials is determined by the item to be personalized. 

A linear or block monogram is one that showcases a gentleman’s initials in capitalized letters of the same size. This style choice typically favors the order of first, middle and last initial. For example, Randall Alexander Hanauer would be RAH. 

Block monograms are often featured on personal items such as briefcases, luggage, shirt pockets, bow ties, neckties and shirt cuffs. 

Monogrammed Bow Tie

Some gentlemen opt for their surname initial to appear as the middle letter. Also correct, this monogram style is usually depicted in a diamond shape whereby the size of the surname initial in the middle is bigger than the first and middle initials. For example, Randall Alexander Hanauer would be RHA, with the H noticeably larger than then R and A. 

Diamond-shaped monograms are frequently favorited for such items and accessories as pocket squares, cufflinks, keyrings, and barware. 

Monogrammed Pocket Square in Diamond Style

Less is More with Monogramming

When it comes to mixing monograms with fine accessories, a good rule of thumb is “one and done”. Restraint makes for the most sophisticated presentation. If your cummerbund has your stamp, resist the temptation to also wear a monogrammed square.

Monogrammed Cummberbund

With wedding season around the corner, graduations on the horizon, and your 2020 calendar bursting with birthdays, it’s soon time to get your gift game together. Brother, father, grandpa, groomsmen - the list of opportunities to delight with a thoughtful personal touch is endless. 

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