How To Pair a Bow Tie and Pocket Square

How To Pair a Bow Tie and Pocket Square

A bow tie and pocket square elevate both daytime and evening looks, offering a refined yet approachable elegance. But knowing how to successfully pair a bow tie and pocket square can be tricky. So many colors to choose from! So many classic and head-turning patterns to narrow down to! 

At R. Hanauer, we’re committed to helping gentlemen feel confident and empowered every day. So we’ve custom-created 14 can’t-go-wrong bow tie and pocket square sets for you - and have prepared a few tips and tricks for you to consider when you’re ready to build your own bow tie and pocket square collection.   

Should You Be Matching Your Bow Tie and Pocket Square?

The question we get asked most frequently when selecting an accessory is: should the fabric match? 

In some cases - such as with cummerbund and bow tie sets - they should. In others, like the bow tie and pocket square, they definitely should not. 

We are steadfast at R. Hanauer in our belief that the modern gentlemen looks best in bow ties and pocket squares with corresponding and complementary patterns and colors. 

One of our most popular and sought after combinations is a classic striped bow tie paired with a simple but sophisticated white pocket square with complementary whipstitch detail. Fresh and light for a daytime event; crisp and clean for an evening affair.

Bow Tie and Pocket Square set in Red

A tried-and-true menswear staple is the border pocket square. A distinguished look no matter how you fold it, the linen border pocket square also seamlessly transitions from casual to more formal settings. 

Bow Tie and Pocket Square - Blue Border

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For a more memorable statement, consider pattern mixing. Matching a single color found in both bow tie and pocket square is always an easy win. An advanced pocket square coordinator will match a color - or colors - from his pocket square to the jacket, shirt and tie he is wearing. 

Matching Bow Tie and Pocket Square

Our Waverly Medallions Pocket Square and Regent Medallions Bow Tie (currently out of stock) for example, are a creative pairing.

Another exciting way to bring your personal collection to life is to complement a prominent color in your bow tie with another in your pocket square. If that sounds like a faux pas waiting to happen, use Canva's Color Theory wheel as your guide. The secret to your success here is to choose colors found on the opposite ends of the wheel. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity 

If you’re new to the bow tie and pocket square game, consider building your collection from a foundation of versatile basics. 

Easy to pair patterns with colors you naturally gravitate to and in fabrics that will stand the test of time will yield instant return on your investment. 

Chances are, the more you mix and match, the sooner you’ll spring for more cerebral combinations. 

At R. Hanauer, we meticulously select our fabrics. Our bow ties are hand-crafted in our workshop from only cream-of-the-crop textile mills, and our pocket squares are hand-rolled and sewn using the finest fabrics in Italy.   

When Not to Wear a Pocket Square

So polished is the combination of the bow tie and pocket square, that the thought of committing to only one feels just short of treasonous. 

In our opinion, both is best. You should always wear a pocket square when wearing a bow tie and suit or sport coat.

It’s our philosophy that it’s always better to be overdressed than under. Turn up too casual, and you might make memories you’d prefer to shake. Arrive in style - and you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Truth be told though - a gentleman’s confidence is his very best accessory. 

Gentleman wears a bow tie and pocket square set

If you’re ready to spiff up your look but need a bit more guidance, stop by our shop in Fort Mill, South Carolina, or pop into one of the many menswear retailers across the US that carry our pieces. You can also always get in touch with us to request fabric swatches, free of charge. 

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