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The Fall Style Guide 2018

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The Fall Style Guide 2018

As the air grows crisper and the colors of the leaves begin to transform before our eyes, our fall wardrobes should also reflect the changing of the seasons.

Autumn weather calls for dynamic colors and eye-catching patterns, and our Fall 2018 Collection embodies the richness and beauty of fall through finely textured accessories that are inspired by the traditional style of the timeless gentleman.

We have styled several well-crafted looks that are certain to deliver a dignified and sharp look for any fall occasion.

fall menswear



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1. The Oyster Roast:  

Any gentleman in attendance of a social event, such as a cocktail party or an oyster roast, would stand out in a crowd in this styled ensemble.


While this look can be worn to a social event, it also makes a sophisticated and polished statement, and would be most suitable to wear in a professional setting as well. When styling attire such as this one, it is beneficial to stray from anything that matches. Instead, look for complementary colors, patterns, and fabrics when selecting staple pieces for a customized look.

Notice how our Navy Lomax Dots Bow Tie and Tremont Medallion Pocket Square do not match - instead their primary colors complement one another, while the geometric shapes in the jacket nod to those that are present in the neckwear and the pocket square as well.

The accessories in this outfit are quite flexible, and can easily be styled from the professional setting to an after-work event.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 3

Bow Tie: Navy Lomax Dots Bow Tie, $65; Pocket Square: Tremont Medallion Pocket Square, $60


2. The Academic Outing: 

This styled look is a fall fashion success for any academic. While the checked sport coat is an ideal choice for a chilly fall day, when styling an ensemble like this, you would want to select accessories with patterns that do not clash with the coat.



Patterns are certainly a significant contributor to fall style; however, it is important to refrain from styling an outfit that is too busy because it takes away from the foundational pieces of the look.

Also, when selecting your pocket square and neckwear, avoid patterns of the same scale. Instead, choose something like a wide stripe or flowing paisley.

Our Collins Stripes bow and Fancrest Paisley Pocket Square are both excellent choices to accompany this ensemble, and would be a dashing look for a November day in the classroom.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 3

Bow Tie: Collins Stripes Bow Tie, $75, Pocket Square: Fancrest Pocket Square, $60


3. The Business Lunch: 

While we often find ourselves wishing that business casual dress could always be considered the acceptable attire for the workplace, it is important to have a sharp, professional look for the fall months that embodies both classic and refined characteristics.

Whether you’re dressing for a business lunch, a presentation, or even an interview, any gentleman would be sure to impress in an ensemble like this one.

A crisp, white shirt never fails when dressing in professional attire, and it always looks great paired with timeless pieces, such as a navy blazer and striped necktie.



Even though our Heckle Stripes Necktie is an ode to a more traditional look, bold accessories, like a vibrant pocket square, bring a little flare to the boardroom while still adhering to the business professional dress code. Our Pearson Medallion Pocket Square is a most excellent choice for any gentleman who is hoping to make a bold statement in the workplace.

When styling this look, notice how the pocket square shares green from the necktie and blue from the blazer, making it the perfect piece to pull the entire outfit together. This is an ideal example of how to style pieces that are both conventional and eye-catching, resulting in quite a dapper look.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 3

Necktie: Heckle Stripes Necktie, $120; Pocket Square: Pearson Medallion, $60


4. The Ivy Reunion: 

Fall is all about warm reds, golden undertones, and pale blues. This understated look is a sharp option for a fall evening event like a collegiate reunion or social gathering.

A striped necktie is always appropriate for an evening event, while a brown, herringbone sport coat says that you are a gentleman that acknowledges the changing of the seasons, and embrace it with open arms.


It is quite crucial that one’s pocket square complements the neckwear, instead of matching it, and our Fancrest Pocket Square does just that. It includes exquisite reds, golds, and light blues, which coordinate perfectly with the autumn colors in our Copeland Stripes tie and the selected dress shirt.

Ensure that your shirt is well pressed, and pick out your best shoes, and you have an outfit that you can sport confidently in a social setting.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 3

Necktie: Copeland Stripes, $120; Pocket Square: Fancrest, $60


5. The Fall Wedding: 

The South is commonly known for having unbearably hot weather during the spring and summer months; however, Fall in the South is quite pleasant and beautiful with the changing of the leaves and the cool autumn air.

With good weather, comes special occasions such as fall weddings. Fall wedding attire is all about personifying the rich qualities of the season within the look. We paired a dark suit with our Red Dewars Medallion bow and Yellow/Red Lomax Paisley Pocket Square for an outfit that is both classy and memorable.

Whether the wedding is black tie, formal, or semi-formal, it is important to respect the dress code and arrive in the appropriate attire. A dark suit is considered to be dressier than a sport coat, and when wearing a suit, your tie should reflect the very same level of elegance.

This bow tie is appropriate for the occasion, and works well with the chosen suit. The Lomax Paisley pocket square offers a variety of colors that are also featured in the bow, shirt, and jacket. It is essential to dress the part and adhere to the dress code when attending a fall wedding. An ensemble like this one is unique, yet refined, and perfect for fall nuptials.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 4

Bow Tie: Dewars Medallion, $65; Pocket Square: Lomax, $60


6. Black Tie Ball: 

Last, but certainly not least, we have styled a black tie ensemble with the ever-classic white dinner jacket. Many often interpret the term “black tie” in a very literal sense, but that is actually not the case.



While it is certainly expected to arrive to an event, such as a black tie cocktail party, in your very best, a gentleman has the opportunity to be creative and expressive with the customary black tie look. It is perfectly acceptable to accessorize the white dinner jacket and black tuxedo pants with colorful and vibrant accessories, such as our Elgin Paisley Cummerbund and Bow Tie set.

The last step is to add a pocket square to complete the look. We chose our Whipstitch square to accompany this attire because the touches of blue tie together the entire ensemble, and create an elegant, finished look. It’s acceptable to wear your white dinner jacket through the fall if you're in a warm weather state like the Southeast or Southern California. However, it's best to retire the white during the winter when the cold weather returns.

Casual to Formal Level (1 to 5): Level 5

Cummerbund Set: Elgin Paisley, $195; Pocket Square: Whipstitch, $55

When styling a look for fall, whether it is an ensemble for the work day, an oyster roast, or even a black tie event, it is important to select conversational pieces that truly embody the richness and visions of the season. Accessories have the ability to take a look to the next level, while also expressing one’s own individual and unique style. At R. Hanauer we are proud to create pieces that speak to the traditional style of the timeless gentleman, and can be styled in many different and distinctive ways.

To shop all R. Hanauer accessories from the Fall Style Guide, head here