Bow Ties for Boys & Dashing Young Lads - A Guide

Bow Ties for Boys & Dashing Young Lads - A Guide

At R. Hanauer, we believe gentlemen of all ages deserve the finest accessories - including, of course, toddlers, boys and young men.

And since buying bow ties for boys may not be quite as intuitive as for their adult versions, we've put together this handy guide for you.  

Size and Shape Options for Boy Bow Ties

We offer two shape options for bow ties for boys - a pre-tied piece and a self-tie piece in the classic Henry shape. Both bows are about 2” wide and adjust from 13.5” to 15.5” long.

Our stock includes bow ties that fit most boys between the ages of 6 and 12, but since they are made to order, we can cut our bow ties to fit any size needed. And providing we have the requisite fabric in stock, all R. Hanauer adult bow ties can also be made into youth sizes.

Here are some of our favorite bow ties for boys, including a few looks from our Spring Collection

Spring Bow Ties for Boys

Showcasing fresh color stories and patterns bursting with movement and energy, Liberty Fabrics are unmistakable. Our Pink Emma and Georgina Liberty Bow Tie - which is also available in blue - brings together lively and exciting floral prints inspired by Victorian pattern books.

Handmade from 100% cotton, this spring must-have is comfortable and soft - and perfect for spiffy young gents. 

Pink Emma and Georgina Liberty Bow Tie for Boys

This happy-go-lucky Navy/ Red/ White Madras Bow Tie is youthful and bright and just right for spring and summer weddings, Easter festivities and a variety of charming daytime events.

We're pleased to also offer this silk and cotton fabric in green/yellow/pink. For a similar look in all-cotton, consider our peach/aqua, pink/navy and purple/orange madras pieces.

Navy/ Red/ White Madras Bow Tie for Boys

Our gorgeous Yellow Toucans Bow Tie is an absolute breath of fresh air. Vibrant and exciting, this all-silk bow tie is a joyful and striking addition to any gentleman’s warm-weather wardrobe. 

The handsome pattern comes in blue as well, and is available as a cummerbund set for those closer to fully grown. 

Yellow Toucans Bow Tie for Boys


All Occasion Bow Ties for Dapper Chaps

There’s something about polka dots that make the wearer - no matter his age - seem delightfully mischievous. Our Purple/ White Windsor Dots Bow Tie and its contemporaries in orange, navy, red, black, and blue are stunning examples of the playfulness that comes with the sweet, simple dot.

Crafted from all silk and made in the USA, this pattern is also available in cummerbund sets for adults.

Purple and White Windsor Dots Bow Ties

Every gentleman needs strong stripes in his collection of fine accessories. Among our most popular all-occasion pieces is our silk Buckingham Stripe Bow Tie.

Shown here in Coral/ White, we also offer white stripes on turquoise, red, grey, lavender, pink, light blue and royal blue bow ties, as well as the classic combinations of navy/pink and navy/silver.

Coral/ White Buckingham Striped Bow Tie


Patriotic Bow for Boys

President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Election Day, Veterans Day - the opportunities for boys to show their national pride are numerous.

Our all-silk Navy Reynolds Stripes Bow Tie is a bold and versatile option for any American holiday, as is our very popular version in red. Not patriotic but handsome nonetheless are our Reynolds Stripes also in light blue, gold and quad. Catch these handsome gents while you can!

Navy Reynolds Stripes Bow Tie for Boys

Our home state of South Carolina is a great source of R. Hanauer pride - which makes our Navy Palmetto Bow Tie one of our personal favorites, and a popular choice among guests to our shop. Made of silk, it's a sophisticated our nod to the Palmetto State flag in orange, garnet and blue. These pieces make for wonderful additions to family gatherings and photo shoots. 

Navy Palmetto Bow Tie

Fresh and bright with a sense of celebration, our Navy/Red Chatham Stripes Bow Tie is a delightful addition to the patriotic chap’s collection. Presented in silk, the knot stands strong and steady throughout a young gentleman’s day - whether spent at school, a commemorative service, a field trip or a presentation.

Available also in navy/pink and navy/green, this fabric is woven in England but finished right here in our local workshop.

Navy/Red Chatham Stripes Bow Tie

When a young man dons our American Flag Bow Tie he cannot help but beam with star-spangled pride. Made in America from beautiful and durable silk, this stunning and symbolic piece will not only stay in style but it’s also worthy of staying in the family. And with our carefully crafted and adjustable neckband, the accessory will grow with each wearer as well as stand the test of time. 

American Flag Bow Tie for Boys

Black Tie Accessories for Boys

Many young men find themselves in need of black-tie attire from time to time - and boy does he turn heads when he trades his T-shirt in for a bow tie.

Most traditional is a literal black tie, with our Formal Black Faille Bow Tie being among our most popular. The subtle ribbing of the silk grosgrain adds an element of timelessness. For an extra touch of sophistication, consider adding a monogram.

Formal Black Faille Bow Tie

Our Black/ White Sherman Striped Bow Tie is a striking and modern alternative to the solid black bow tie.

Crafted in the USA from 100% silk, the knotted piece presents incredibly elegant, crisp stripes that feel especially formal while being celebratory. This pattern is also available in red/black, maroon/white, Carolina Blue, red/white and navy/white, and in gorgeous cummerbund sets for men.

Black/ White Sherman Striped Bow Tie for Boys

Spiffed up lads will feel like a million bucks in this sensational Blue Velvet Bow Tie.

This all-cotton accessory - and it’s equally fabulous red and black alternatives - are irresistibly soft and luxurious, and super memorable.

Cummerbund sets in red and black are available for the more mature gents in the party, and sweet little ladies have the option of a red velvet hair bow

Blue Velvet Bow Tie for Boys

Our Black/ Red Durand Basketweave Bow Tie is crafted from silk woven in England, and serves as a prime example of the bold look that can be achieved from delicate threading.

Made to order, this bow tie boasts a handsome pattern that is black-tie perfect. 

Black/ Red Durand Basketweave Bow Tie

At R. Hanauer, we’ve been making fine accessories for more than three decades - which means we’ve dressed several generations, including our own children.

Regardless of whether your dashing little dude is 2 or 12, we understand you likely have questions about color, design and fit - and we would be delighted to answer them and to send you a free fabric swatch. 

Once your boy is proudly sporting his bow tie, tag us on social media with #RHanauer - we’re on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  


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