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3 Spring Wedding Rules for Modern Gentlemen

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3 Spring Wedding Rules for Modern Gentlemen


Linen Cummerbund Wedding

1. Daytime weddings call for cotton or linen. Although many suits for men are 3-season wool, you should always take the opportunity to wear your cotton and linen suits for an outdoor spring wedding. Accessorize with the classic Linen Rishra cummerbund set.

Linen Risha Cummerbund Set – CB2840, $95


Madras Wedding Bow Tie

2. Experiment with color. With new colors popping out from the earth, it’s a fantastic time to break out new hues. Feel the freedom to wear something brighter than usual. Try out something dynamic, yet classic, like the Madras Quad bow tie.

Wedding Pocket Square

3. Pull out your pocket squares (and bring two). Pocket squares are the epitome of chivalry. Once meant to hand off to your date, this rule can still apply today. Bring backup, one for style and one for sharing.

Whipstitch Border Pocket Square, $55

Be in style for every spring wedding. View our entire spring bow tie collection here.