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3 Oscar-Inspired Ways to Wear a Black Bow Tie

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3 Oscar-Inspired Ways to Wear a Black Bow Tie

Black Bow Tie

The Oscars are a fine time to preview top-notch bow tie fashion. Many stars sport tuxedos for Hollywood's most prestigious awards ceremony.  Below are three past ensembles that showcase the timeless staple, the formal, black bow tie. 

Oscars Black Bow Tie

1) Classic (Leonardo DiCaprio, 2016): There is nothing wrong with the "black tie 101" style of a peak lapel tuxedo and black bow tie. Their color and angles are quite complementary. Although less than daring, they are a timeless pair.

Oscar Black Bow Tie

2) Relaxed (Ansel Elgort, 2015): The shawl collar was made for a more relaxed look as men used to trade in their formal jackets for a shawl-collared smoking jacket, as to not ruin their formal attire. The black shawl collar on a navy tuxedo makes for a perfect pair with a black bow tie. 

Oscars Black Bow tie

3) Daring (Chris Hemsworth, 2015): A jewel-toned tuxedo is an excellent partner for the black bow tie. The bow tie is the final touch, the area where is eye is drawn, making the renegade look effortless but exciting. 

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